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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ship demolition report 31/1/2012

BM Freedom [PA] IMO 7912977 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 31,247 dwt
Khalid Ibn Waleed [UAE] IMO 8117249 Container vessel built 1983 - 35,615 dwt
Sea Dream [SG] IMO 7433062 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 26,223 dwt
Yasaka Bay [PA] IMO 8213586 Reefer built 1983 - 10,647 dwt
Siam Star [MT] IMO 8300597 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 29,617 dwt
Agios Nectarios 1 [PA] IMO 81009929 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 23,969 dwt
Mallak [PA] IMO 7389857 Bulker built 1981 - 18,270 dwt [ex Bitlis]
ikarous [PA] IMO 7712016 Cargo vessel built 1978 - 6,252 dwt
Safeer Express [BS] IMO 8127282 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 54,500 dwt

BM Adventure [PA] IMO 7431246 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 17,520 dwt
BM Defender [PA] IMO 8017009 Cargo vessel built 1981 - 22,882 dwt
BM Hope [PA] IMO 7618284 Cargo vessel built 1978 - 29,128 dwt
BM Intrepid [PA] IMO 8209755 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 19,615 dwt
Banga Bijoy [BD] IMO 8123107 Bulker built 1983 - 7,536 dwt

BM Pride [PA] IMO 8116063 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 19,982 dwt
Sea Bird [MT] IMO 8117328 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 63,838 dwt

Princess Katherin I [PA] IMO 8407668 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 164,100 dwt
Xin Hong [PA] IMO 8021505 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 25,085 dwt
Tsuru [BS] IMO 7374230 Cargo vessel built 1974 - 38,678 dwt

All information is given in good faith and without guarentee. The title date does NOT mean that
It is the beaching or scrapping dates.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Ship demolition report 30/1/2012

Panamax Dawn [ CY] IMO 8100961 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 69,000 dwt

Macro [MD] IMO 7725582 Cargo ship built 1980. - 4,361 dwt
Sarmat [MD] IMO 7211969 Roro vessel built 1972 - 1,555 gt

Friday, 27 January 2012

Global Star now even a conspiracy theory about the vessel

I just found this story about the tanker Glabal Star, which recently evaded detention at Weymouth a week or two ago.
The tanker, manned by a Russian crew for her delivery to Alang, seemed to have caused a bit of a stir.
The following is taken from a site called, so you can either believe it or not, upto you.

So a the vessel is built as a tanker I am sure they would find it difficult modify the ship to carry things like missiles
out of view in such a short time since leaving the south coast of the UK. But I did read that missiles were taken off
the Thor Liberty in finland.

Quote from website

This ship has disappeared in the Mediterranean at the co-ordinates listed below. It had close contact to the Thor Liberty off Portugal and may have picked up portions of her cargo including explosives and Patriot missiles. This vessel was scheduled for scrapping in Alang, India. There is no reason for its voyage to become anonymous unless it is on a covert mission for the intelligence services to deliver weapons to the Middle East to facilitate a false flag event to start a conflict between Iran and Israel or the U.S. 
Global Star made an impromtu course change Monday night Tuesday morning meeting Fehn Sky which left El Ferrol the Spanish naval port. A company at the port Dockwise has a contract to dismantle two Russian nuclear submarines. Canada has a supervisory role over the program and a Canadian naval officer has been arrested recently for espionage. We are concerned about the possible transfer of nuclear materials to the Middle East.
It is IMPERATIVE that this vessel be located and tracked. It should be transiting the Suez Canal at about this time. Anyone with contacts along the route are encouraged to ask them to be on the look out for it. Another possibilty is that the ship diverted to Israel. Wherever it is it is certain that it is up to no good. There is no reason a soon to be wrecked ship should be treated as an active naval vessel cloaked in secrecy.


I think it's a load of tosh, and Elvis is even steering the ship also.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ship demolition report 24/1/2012

MSC Carina [PA] IMO 8512401 Container vessel built 1985 - 47,725 dwt
MSC Rugby [CY] IMO 8202111 Container vessel built 1983 - 30,941 dwt
Bow Prosper [SG] IMO 8420476 Tanker built 1987 - 45,655 dwt
Nama [LR] IMO 7433206 Cargo vessel built 1988 - 14,388
Ventura 1 [PA] IMO 9037238 Container vessel built 1995 - 7,355 dwt

Goldwing. [MH] IMO 9000560 Tanker built 1991 - 154,970 dwt
Low Rider [MH] IMO 9000508 Tanker built 1991 - 154,970 dwt

Ionian Sea [SG] IMO 8920244 Tanker built 1992 - 98,017 dwt
Banga Borak [BD] IMO 8201935 Container vessel built 1984 - 9.688 [ex Ever Better]

Monday, 23 January 2012

Ship demolition report 23/1/2012

Orient III [ PA] IMO 7374632 Cargo vessel built 1975 - 26,680 dwt
Hong Vertue [PA] IMO 8209212 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 19,834 dwt
Da Ji [SG] IMO 8715467 Bulk carrier built 1989 - 14,101 dwt

Anggrani [SG] IMO 9018696 Tanker built 1995 - 31,225 dwt

Tridonawati [LR] IMO 9000534 Tanker built 1991 - 154,970 dwt
Trirasa [SG] IMO 9000510 Tanker built 1991 - 154,970 dwt
Pioneer Epos [KM] IMO 7526584 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 75,470 dwt

Dong A Hermes [KR] IMO 8900426 Bulk carrier built 1992 - 146,115 dwt
Fortune Carrier [KR] IMO 8102402 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 63,395 dwt
Mega Ace [PA] IMO 8202290 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 41,216 dwt

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ship demolition report 22/1/2012

CAPE COSMOS [CY] IMO 7926021Bulk carrier built 1981 - 138,102 dwt
PANAMA EXPRESS [CY] IMO 8009466 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 21,936 dwt
BUKHTA OMEGA [PA] IMO 8723385 Reefer built 1987 - 4,900 dwt
ESTRELLITA [PA] IMO 7102716 Tanker built 1971 - 3,185 dwt
DEVPRAYAG [IN] IMO 8321027 Cargo vessel built 1986 - 28,739 dwt

Asano 18 [HK] IMO 7355428 Bulk carrier built 1974 - 10,267 dwt
Shinzan Maru [MH] IMO 8600612 Vlcc tanker built 1987 - 201,000 dwt
Chi Feng Kou [CN] IMO 7902879 Roro container vessel built 1980 - 13,615 gt
Da Long [CN] IMO 8105662 Cargo vessel built 1981 - 4,462 gt
Golden Sea [PA] IMO 8021995 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 49,938 gt
Han Zhong He [CN] IMO 8321838 Container ship built 1984 - 8,282 gt
Heng Shan [CN] IMO 8225357 Cargo vessel Built 1984 - 12,448 gt
Jing Gong Shan [CN] IMO 8602359 Cargo vessel built 1986 - 3,998 gt
Xiang Jiang [CN] IMO 7529196 Cargo vessel built 1978 - 9,792 gt

MSC CAROLE [PA] IMO 8618308 Container vessel built 1980 - 21,936 dwt

Eren [KN] IMO 8857760 Cargo vessel built 1970 - 3,261 dwt

New River [US] IMO 5137913 Tanker built 1960 - 39,483 dwt
Sang Thai Radium [TH] IMO 8017695 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 2,974 dwt

Ship demolitions

Please note that the date that appears on the headings of the post does not indicate that it is the date that the ship got beached or scrapped. It could be upto a few months before they arrive to be broken up, in one case 12 months.

The posting date just indicates when the information was obtained and uploaded. Websites like Equasis give the date of which the ship was sold for scrap, but there may be other website that give the final beaching dates.

If there is any inaccuracy in the data i have put on this site,"" please comment"", and only if the information is correct you are commenting on, and the posting will be corrected.

All information on this blog is gathered from various sources in the UK, Europe, and the Far East and I rely on their accuracy, which i have found not always the case, including final beaching destinations, names etc. I have tried hard to find the correct information, and where I have been unsuccessful I have not posted the information on this site.

All information posted on this site is copyrighted

Global Star departs despite detention

Global Star, which MCA inspectors described as the worst ship they had ever seen left Weymouth
despite being told to stay put. It arrived in Weymouth low on fuel, but the captain was unable to pay,
but the ship eventualy did refuel. To run out of fuel is a major non-conformity and the ship was
subject to Port State Control.

The Global Star was given a detention order but it jumped that order and has continued on
its journey. It is believed the ship left early on Jan 15 morning.

Because the ship has been given detention orders from other ports in the past, it will be banned
from any future visits in Europe. But as was heading to be scrapped, the crew probably took the
decision that it didn’t matter. 14 crew members were on board the vessel when it left.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Ship demolition report 21/1/2012

LEMNO [IT] IMO 8122165 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 86,722 dwt
DAFFODIL [PA] IMO 8028149 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 63,883 dwt
SETSUYO STAR [BS] IMO 8406391 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 170,808 dwt
Melis [KM] IMO 7335909 Cargo vessel built 1973 - 3,136 dwt
Filippos [MD] IMO 7003688 Cargo vessel built 1970 - 1,410 dwt

SAFEER EXPRESS [BS] IMO 8127282 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 54,500 dwt

Haji Wafaa [SL] IMO 6701591 Cargo vessel built 1966 - 1,280 dwt
Kaduna [PA] IMO 7128976 Roro vessel built 1972 - 4,700 dwt

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ship demolition report 17/1/2012

Pearl of Sea [PA] IMO 8306797 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 29,159 dwt
San Jiang Kou [CN] IMO 7902881 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 13,825 dwt
Thor Confidence [TU] IMO 8208306 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 24,900 dwt

MSC Jeanne [PA] IMO 7814826 Container vessel built 1979 - 38,825 dwt

Astir [CY] IMO 7700934 Cargo vessel built 1977 - 30,310 dwt

Vanlee [HK] IMO 7917135 Bulk carrier built 1980 - 25,503 dwt
MERIT [BS] IMO 7516644 Cargo vessel built 1977 - 30,987 dwt [last known port USA aug 2011]

AVOCET ARROW [BS] IMO 8324359 Cargo vessel built 1985 - 27,470 dwt

USA [Brownsville]
SS Pacific Star [ex us navy] IMO 2239932 built 1940

Monday, 16 January 2012

Ship demolition report 16/1/2012

Bow Prosper [SG] IMO 8420476 Tanker built 1987 - 45,655 dwt
Norgas Energy [ HK] IMO 7721081 LPG tanker built 1979 - 8,925 dwt
Sea Cat [MH] IMO 8367131 Tanker built 1985 - 89,696 dwt
Sturdy Falcon [VN ] IMO 7614769 Cargonvessel built 1980 - 15,300 dwt
Al Ihsaa [SA] IMO 8117273 Container vessel built 1983 - 35,615 dwt

Lioness C [LR] IMO 8115007 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 66,713 dwt
Sea Wave [BL] IMO 757681 Bulker built 1976 - 8,256 dwt

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ship demolition report 14/1/2012

Safemarine Texas [CY] IMO 8421975 Cargo vessel built 1987 - 18,032 dwt
Sea Project [KM] IMO 7301491 Roro built 1973 - 6,850 dwt - ex stena seatrader
Jolly Oro [IT] IMO 7900053 container vessel built 1981 - 22,639 dwt

Zhe hai 325 [CN] IMO 7619044 Cargo vessel built 1977 - 11,118 dwt
Neptune [TU] IMO 8208036 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 24,900 dwt

Anders Rousing [DK] IMO 7826374 Cargo vessel built 1979 - 1,565 dwt

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tanker en route to Alang runs out of fuel

Mt Global Star was forced to anchor off the southern British coast near Weymouth after running
out of fuel on 11/1/2012 en route to Alang. The tanker has 14 Russian crew onboard. It got as
far as Portland before running out of fuel and crawled into Weymouth..

It was believed initially the captain was unable to pay for fuel and the ship had docked whilst awaiting
for funds to arrive, the money for the fuel eventually arrived and the tanker went into bunkering
anchorage at Portland.

A Maritime Coastguard Agency surveyor went aboard before refuelling to carry out a statutory inspection.
The tanker was expected to leave after refuelling was completed.

Vessel tracker

Ship demolition report 14/1/2012

Top Advancer [PA] IMO 8209638 Cargo vessel Built 1983 - 25,855 dwt

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ship demolition report 10/1/2012

Gomidas [IR] IMO 7620550 Bulk carrier built 1978 - 35,893 dwt
Ziemia Suwalska [LR] IMO 8207757 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 26,706 dwt
Kefah F [KH] IMO 7412915 Bulker built 1976 - 10,151 dwt
Algoa Bay [MH] IMO 7701641 Cargo vessel built 1978 - 26,901 dwt
Sima Yadz [PA] IMO 8100820 Cargo vessel built 1982 - 26,674 dwt

San Jiang Koh [CN] IMO 7902881 Roro / cargo built 1980 - 13,825 dwt
Guan Ya 9 [PA] IMO 7905596 Cargo vessel built 1981 - 15,030 dwt
Ethnos [PA] IMO 8025812 Cargo vessel built 1984 - 36,303 dwt
New Legend Honor [PA] IMO 7713732 Cargo vessel built 1979 - 19,786 dwt
Chuang Ye [VG] IMO 7621889 Cargo vessel built 1977 - 16,543 dwt

Calm Sea [LR] IMO 8920232 Tanker built 1992 - 98,829 dwt

Tegra [BL] IMO 7529172 Cargo vessel built 1978 - 16,160 dwt
Seruwila [LK] IMO 8121109 Bulker built 1982 - 2,730 dwt
Asean Unity [SG] IMO 7804584 Bulk carrier built 1978 - 22,490 dwt

Information given in good faith and without guarantee, information in this format is copyright to the ship scrapping list 2012

Monday, 9 January 2012

Ship demolition report 9/1/2012

Sea Treasure [MG] IMO 8308185 Bulker built 1984 - 2,994 dwt
Sky Treasure [[HK] IMO 8025292 OBO carrier built 1985 - 76,296
Desert Voyager [GR] IMO 8106367 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 42,897 dwt

Asean Sea 01 [PA] IMO 8005537 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 25,854 dwt

Chittagong [expecting to reopen yards next week after court ruling]
Hu Jiang [PA] IMO 8009375 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 63,015 dwt
Kang Hua [PA] IMO 8128092 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 37,940 dwt
Xin Hua [PA] IMO 8103834 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 34,111 dwt

A. Bedevi [GE] IMO 8322210 Cargo vessel built 1985 - 7,676 dwt

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ship demolition report 8/1/2012

St Vladimir [LR] IMO 8134962 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 52,450 dwt
Izumo Bay [PA] IMO 8213598 Reefer built 1984 - 10,644 dwt

Vinalines Queen missing along with 22 crew

Vietnam’s Vinalines Queen [VN] IMO 9290907 cargo ship that disappeared off the Philippines on
Dec. 25 sunk and only one sailor has been rescued while the 22 others are still missing, the
Vietnam Maritime Rescue Coordination Center announced.

The sailor saved is Dau Ngoc Hung, said the Vietnam Maritime Rescue Coordination Center.

Britain’s London Courage ship en route to Singapore found him on a life raft at sea at 10:30 AM Friday,
about 350 kilometers from to the ship’s last known site.

The Vietnam center said it managed to make satellite phone calls to the survivor and a call got through
at 3:20 PM. He said the Vietnamese ship sank at 7 AM on Dec. 25 because of an incline to the left.

He said the ship sank immediately and all sailors could do was to release only one life raft, and he was
the only one to escape. Hung said he was drifted until the British ship saved his life.

Hung is 31 years old, a resident of the central province of Nghe An. He was on the life raft for six days.

The Vietnam Maritime Rescue Coordination Center says it has appealed maritime rescue agencies of
the Philippines, Japan and Taiwan for help to search for missing sailors from the Vinalines Queen

According to the Vietnamese shipping corporation Vinalines, the ship was carrying more than 54,000 tons
of nickel ore and was traveling from Indonesia’s Morowali Port to Ningde Port in China when it lost contact.

Vinalines Queen [VN]
IMO 9290907
Bulk carrier
Built 2005
56,040 dwt

Saturday, 7 January 2012

TK Bremen to be broken up on beach

The Maltese-registered cargo ship, TK Bremen, which ran aground off the coast of Brittany during December
in high winds and torrential rain now looks set to be scrapped where it lies.

Preliminary inspections indicated that the vessel, built in 1982, is too badly damaged to be towed back to sea.

A spokesman for the maritime prefecture said: “We can’t take the risk of towing it, as there is a danger of it
breaking up and becoming more difficult to remove.

“Strictly-speaking, the shipowner has the right to repair the vessel where it lies,” he added, “but it appears
it struck several rocks and its hull has been perforated in several places.

“The most probable outcome is that the ship will be dismantled.”

The 19 crew members on board the TK Bremen were airlifted to safety by helicopter and booms deployed
to contain an oil spill threatening a nearby beach.

The task of emptying the stricken ship’s tanks of their 220 tonnes of fuel could be completed by the end of the week.

The maritime prefecture spokesman said dismantling the TK Bremen would be a complex operation in
what is an environmentally-protected zone. The ship would be cut up and the pieces loaded onto trucks.

“The objective is to restore the beach and the dunes by [next year’s] Easter holidays,” he added.

The TK Bremen left the Brittany port of Lorient en route to the UK as the storm was gaining strength, and
dropped anchor off the nearby Isle de Groix to wait for an improvement in the weather. However, the ship
was unable to maintain its mooring in the storm and began drifting towards the coast.

Source: IFW. By Stuart Todd. 22 December 2011

Ship demolition report 7/1/2012

MSC Palermo [LR] IMO 9008548 Container vessel built 1992 - 45,696 dwt
Cast De Soutomaior [BR] IMO 7526560 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 75,497 dwt [unconfirmed]

Video showing P&O's Norcape being beached at Aliaga

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ship demolition report 3/1/2012

An Tao Jiang [CN] IMO 79044887 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 10,800 dwt
An Wu Yiang [ CN] IMO 7904865 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 10,800 dwt
Traviata [SE] IMO 7616250 Roro vehicle carrier built 1977 - 13,446 dwt

Ital Roro One [KN] IMO 7517595 Roro vessel built 1976 - 4,342 dwt

Thuleland [UK] IMO 7519270 Cargo vessel built at Eriksberg ship builders Gothenburg
In 1977 - 31,900 dwt sister vessel to Columbialand broken up late last year.

Belgium [Ghent]
Asteropa [BZ] IMO 7902623 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 2,730 dwt
Alphonse Letzer [BE ] IMO 7615593 Tug built. - 618 dwt
Taigeta [DM] IMO 7904516 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 3,805 dwt

Xuan De Men [PA] IMO 7813597 Cargo vessel built 1979 - 22,656 dwt
Zodiac [KN] IMO 8014370 Cargo vessel built 1981 - 6,156 dwt
Artic Clipper [PA] IMO 7714208 Cargo vessel built 1978 - 3,414 dwt
Pacific Challenger [SG] IMO 8209274 Tug - built 1983 - 1,860 dwt
Lady Chiara [LR] IMO 8406327 Tanker built 1986 - 27,325 dwt

Zoppun [TK] IMO 7922128 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 3,541 dwt

Information given in good faith and without guarantee

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Ship demolition report 1/1/2012

Global Star [MN] IMO 8800767 Tanker built 1989 - 8,192 dwt [eta Feb]
Buxmaster [LR] IMO 8513807 Cintainer vessel built 1986 - 23,465 dwt
Myra [BS] IMO 7718175 Cargo vessel built 1979 - 17,154 dwt
Rishikesh [IN] IMO 8321084 Cargo vessel built 1986 - 47,315 dwt

Fu Shun [VG] IMO 7530602 Bulker built 1977 - 18,062 dwt
Zhong Cheng [PA] IMO 7603485 Bulk carrier built 1977 - 18,611 dwt
Harmony Falcon [MN] IMO 8005264 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 65,960 dwt
Lovely Falcon [MN] IMO 7930357 Bulk carrier built 1979 - 64,919 dwt