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Friday, 27 January 2012

Global Star now even a conspiracy theory about the vessel

I just found this story about the tanker Glabal Star, which recently evaded detention at Weymouth a week or two ago.
The tanker, manned by a Russian crew for her delivery to Alang, seemed to have caused a bit of a stir.
The following is taken from a site called, so you can either believe it or not, upto you.

So a the vessel is built as a tanker I am sure they would find it difficult modify the ship to carry things like missiles
out of view in such a short time since leaving the south coast of the UK. But I did read that missiles were taken off
the Thor Liberty in finland.

Quote from website

This ship has disappeared in the Mediterranean at the co-ordinates listed below. It had close contact to the Thor Liberty off Portugal and may have picked up portions of her cargo including explosives and Patriot missiles. This vessel was scheduled for scrapping in Alang, India. There is no reason for its voyage to become anonymous unless it is on a covert mission for the intelligence services to deliver weapons to the Middle East to facilitate a false flag event to start a conflict between Iran and Israel or the U.S. 
Global Star made an impromtu course change Monday night Tuesday morning meeting Fehn Sky which left El Ferrol the Spanish naval port. A company at the port Dockwise has a contract to dismantle two Russian nuclear submarines. Canada has a supervisory role over the program and a Canadian naval officer has been arrested recently for espionage. We are concerned about the possible transfer of nuclear materials to the Middle East.
It is IMPERATIVE that this vessel be located and tracked. It should be transiting the Suez Canal at about this time. Anyone with contacts along the route are encouraged to ask them to be on the look out for it. Another possibilty is that the ship diverted to Israel. Wherever it is it is certain that it is up to no good. There is no reason a soon to be wrecked ship should be treated as an active naval vessel cloaked in secrecy.


I think it's a load of tosh, and Elvis is even steering the ship also.

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