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Friday, 31 December 2010

500 Seafarers held hostage at Christmas

The real victims of piracy are invariably the seafarers who are held for ransom often under grim conditions for long periods of time. From a statement relased by the Round Table of international shipping associations – and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF):

As many people are about to enjoy the Christmas holiday season, it is important to remember that over 500 seafarers, of many different nationalities, are currently being held hostage by Somali pirates.

In fear for their safety, and even of their lives, and deprived of contact with their families, these seafarers have also suffered the trauma of having their ships attacked with automatic weapons, prior to being kidnapped for ransom. Many have been held captive for several months, often in the most appalling conditions, by armed criminals who can be violent and unpredictable.

Merchant seafarers are too often out of sight and out of mind. It is vital that the international community focuses on the plight of those held in Somalia, as well as the tens of thousands of ships’ crew who, each and everyday throughout the holiday period, will continue to transport the raw materials and finished products that keep our modern world functioning. About 90% of world trade is transported by sea, including many of those goods, exchanged as Christmas gifts, which have been transported via the high-risk pirate danger area which now extends over much of the Indian Ocean.

There has been an unprecedented degree of co-operation amongst the world’s military navies, whose dedicated personnel are seeking to provide protection to merchant shipping. But the number of navy ships available is simply insufficient to prevent vulnerable ships from being attacked. Moreover, 85% of those pirates pursued and captured end up being released, only to reoffend with impunity. The risk/reward ratio is still far too much in the pirates’ favour.

A few months ago there was an incredible global response to plight of the miners trapped in Chile. The 500 seafarers, held hostage over Christmas in Somalia, are also isolated and terrified, and deserve similar recognition from the media and the public at large. Governments might then be persuaded to do more to deter, and ultimately eradicate, the scourge of Somali piracy.

Since January 2008, over 2,600 seafarers have been held hostage by Somali pirates.

Alang shipbreakers on strike

The strike by Alang shipbreakers brought activities to a halt since the 21st December.

The strike by the shipbreakers, was an attempt to pressurize the Government
on the grounds that they dismantled more than one ship at a time, and it was not possible to supply data of materials obtained from the ships.

Shipbreakers were asked to periodically provide details of excisable and non-excisable items obtained from the ships they beach for scrapping. This was after CE's intelligence wing had found large scale duty evasion by some ship breakers who used to inflate the quantity of non-excisable items.

Update 5/1/11

The Alang workers returned to work three days later, after officials agreed to look again at the proposals they were asking for, and will report again within the month. It was also reported that 10,000 tons of recycled steel production a day was lost during the strike.

Scrapped ships / to be broken up as of 31st Dec 2010

Caribbean Pearl [PA] IMO 8300341 Tanker built 1983 - 9,307 t
Perla Adib [KN] IMO 7434937 Bulk carrier built 1976 - 10,890 t
Barsehe [MOL] IMO 7906215 Cargo vessel built 1979 - 4,620 t
Sigas Master [MT] IMO 8325327 LPG Tanker built 1985 - 1,929 t

Hermes [GR] IMO 5176173 Passenger vessel built 1956 - 775 ldt
MV Hermes was built in Split, Yugoslavia by Brodosplit Shipyard, a Yugoslav company (now in Croatia)
in 1956 for Jadranska Linijska Plovidba of Rijeka, Yugoslavia. In 1971 it was sold to Euroexpomer SA
of France and was renamed as Messager. In 1976 it was bought over by Epirotki Lines and renamed as
Hermes. It was refurbished in 1978 and also in 2000
Year built In 1956 by Brodosplit Shipyard at Split, Croatia.
IMO number 5176173.
Call Sign SXIP.
MMSI number 237012200.
Class of ship Passenger cruise vessel.
Passenger capacity 850.
Decks 5 decks.
Length 90.32mts.
Beam 13.02mts.
Tonnage 2,200 GRT.
Cruising speed 16knots (Max:18knots).
Category Large cruise ship.

Subedar Joginder Singh Pvc [IN] IMO8224171 Tanker built 1984 - 67,136 t
Safmarine Palanca [PA] IMO 8027547 Cargo vessel built 1981 - 12,720 t
MSC Freedom [MI] IMO 7820954 Container vessel built 1980 - 36,459 t

Overseas Galena Bay [US] IMO 8008917 Tanker built 1982 - 50,920 t

Zosco Wenzhou [PA] IMO 8010489 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 141,014 t Beached 10.12.2010

unknown destination
Nijord [BLZ] IMO 8007157 Bulker built 1980 - 3,214 t
Azzurra [PA] IMO 8123688 LPG Tanker built 1983 - 3,331 t

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Ship demolition report 28th Dec 2010

SPRING TIGER [NL] IMO 8312605 Reefer built 1984 - 7,206 t
LUDO [BG] IMO 6827670 Cargo vessel built 1968 - 4,325 t [ex - LUDOGORETZ]
MSC ENDURANCE [MI] IMO 7820849 Container vessel built 1979 - 17,152 t
SITEAM ACTINIA [MT] IMO 8917077 Tanker built 1993 - 9,289 t
THERESA JUPITER [SG] IMO 7908861 Tanker built 1980 - 5,738 t
Anatolia [PA] IMO 7433103 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 26,003 t

MAMALUCA [PA] IMO 7532820 Bulker built 1976 - 3,570 t
Al Mubarakah [UAE] IMO 7826829 Tanker built 1981 - 88,726 t

Eastern Sea [MT] IMO 8311039 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 8,222 t

Kun Ming Hu [PRC] IMO 8013558 Tanker built 1982 - 60,585 t
Arima [HK] IMO 8001505 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 138,655 t
Zhen Hua 6 [VG] IMO 7357529 Bulk carrier built 1976 - 27,535 t

AKER SMART 3 [PA] IMO 8124747 Oil tanker built 1982 - 103,168 t
AL TAWBA [UAE] IMO 8203799 Oil tanker built 1982 - 6,400 t
LANIA [SG] IMO 7909114 Cargo vessel built 1988 - 9,442 t
Overseas Diligence [USA] IMO 7391240 Tanker built 1977 - 39,959 t
Quality Spirit [MT] IMO 6901658 Tanker built 1968 - 2,303 t
Shokaku Maru No.2 [JP] IMO 8103913 LPG Tanker built 1981 - 1,543 t

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Hung Cuong 168 - IMO 9556428

On December 24th 2010 the Vietnamese general cargo vessel Mv Hung Cuong 168
IMO 9556428 built 2010 and at 5,000 tons sank off Fuzhou in East China sea in rough weather after reporting engine failure.

It is reported that 13 sailors were saved and 4 are missing.

The vessel was carrying 5,200 tons of stone.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Number of vessels scrapped in 2010

Types of vessels scrapped 2010 / 2009
ULCC / VLCC scrapped in 2010 = 13 [2009 = 10 were scrapped]
SUEZMAX scrapped in 2010 = 10 [in 2009 = 5 were scrapped]
AFRAMAX scrapped in 2010 = 12 [in 2009 = 10 were scrapped]
PANAMAX TANKER scrapped in 2010 = 10 [in 2009 = 8 were scrapped]
CAPE [above 100,000 t] scrapped in = 14 [in 2009 = 5 were scrapped]
PANAMAX BULKER scrapped in 2010 = 4 [in 2009 = 14 were scrapped]

In CHINA 420 Tankers were scrapped and 400 Bulk carriers
In INDIA 470 Tankers were scrapped and 430 Bulk carriers
In PAKISTAN 465 Tankers were scrapped and 425 Bulk carriers

Scrapped ships / to be broken up as of 21st Dec 2010

ETERNAL BRIGHT [HK] IMO 8002004 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 139,806 Dwt
GOLDEN LAND [PA] IMO 7406928 Bulk carrier built 1976 - 50,826 Dwt

FROTAMERICA [BZ] IMO 7433581 Bulk carrier built 1979 - 34,700 Dwt

MED GLORY [CAM] IMO 7419133 Bulker built 1977 - 9,354 Dwt
IGNALINA [BL] IMO 8326101 Reefer built 1983 - 12,838 Dwt
PYLAROS [PA] IMO 8111697 Bulk carrier [OBO] built 1983 - 75,590 Dwt
BSLE PERFORMER [VC] IMO 7717731 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 24,076 t

NORDANA [ex LADY STEEL [PA] IMO 7433218 Built 1981 in Brazil. seen unloading steel at Liverpool in 2007 arrived at Alang as STAR 3 picture ©

HAVILDAR ABDUL HAMID PV [IN] IMO 8316625 Tanker built 1985 - 67,153 Dwt

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Scrapped ships / to be broken up as of 19th Dec 2010

STAR CARRIER [PA] IMO 8125569 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 35,218 t
ANATOLIA [PA] IMO 7433103 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 7,512 t
CONDOCK 1 [NL] IMO 7812749 Roro built 1979 - 2,406 t
BICE A [IT] IMO 8903959 Chemical tanker built 1992 - 4,132 t [ex - TOURUS]

MAHA VIDYA [IN] IMO 7617577 Bulk carrier built 1977 - 27,451 t
SHUJAA 5 [PA] IMO 8019306 Tanker built 1981 - 3,215 t
DOROSA [LR] IMO 8009909 Tanker built 1982 - 54500 t

BULK INDIA [PA] IMO 7357531 Tanker built 1975 - 23,470 t
ZOSCO WENZHOU [PA] IMO 8010489 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 21,160 t

FU HAN KOU [PA] IMO 8322753 Cargo vessel built 1986 - 15,375 t
ARIMA [HK] IMO 8001505 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 20,106 t

Friday, 17 December 2010

Refrigerator-604 IMO 8225656 Grounded

Reefer Refrigerator-604 IMO 8225656 865 t built in 1982 is stuck on underwater rocks entering Malo-Kurilskaya Bay, Shikotan Island on the Kuril Islands.

The vessel is heavily damaged and the engine room has become flooded, she is also also holed in the ballast tanks. The vessel suffered total blackout.

The vessel arrived from Japan with 800 mt of frozen fish on board with 38 mt of oil. Vessel grounded in a water depth of 3-5 meters, all crew of were 14 evacuated,

There is no reported oil spill.

M/V Sea Bright stranded at rocks

Two Bolivian registered freighters ran aground in rough weather on Turkey's Mediterranean coast early Friday while dragging her anchor.

One of the ships, the Sea Bright IMO 7710020 - 7,402dwt an built in built 1978, smashed into coastal rocks off the popular resort city of Antalya early Friday and flipped on its side, local authorities said.

Photo here follow link

Bright Sea on the rocks

Rescue workers battled treacherous waters in darkness and managed to evacuate 17 of its crew members, the ship's cook, who reportedly jumped into the sea after the accident was missing.

The ships fuel was seen leaking into the sea.

Another ship, the Mv Rant, ran aground off the town of Adrasan, southwest of Antalya. The coast guard was trying to evacuate its nine crew members by helicopter.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Scrapped ships / to be broken up as of 16th Dec 2010


AL REEFA [SL] IMO: 7413024 Cargo vessel built 1978 - 10,618 dwt
JAG PRAGATI [IN] IMO: 8313635 Tanker built 1985 - 28,280 t
ALF ARMAR [KH] IMO: 8418241 Tanker built 1985 - 6,764 t
ALMA 1[PA] IMO: 8018388 Cargo vessel built 1981 - 25,817 dwt
WASET [AE] IMO: 8411970 Tanker Built 1985 - 12,705 dwt

Jolly Amaranto

The Italian ro-ro vessel Jolly Amaranto sunk on the night of Dec 14 2010, had arrived in port, while proceeding to its berth the disabled Jolly Amaranto issued a distress call on Dec 11, vessel got a heavy list and lost upper deck containers
50 miles off the Egyptian coastline. On Dec 13th the vessel was towed to Alexandria, but while in port vessel suffered water ingress and capsized, all 21 crew safe. It is unclear what caused it to capsize.

Jolly Amaranto [IT] IMO 7616365 dwt 10677 built 1977

Ships lost at sea

Mv ADRIATIC [MD] IMO Bulker Built 1981 on the 12th Dec 2010 Sank in the Israli port of Ashdod,the vessel was carring 3,000 t of steel

Mv PHU TAN [VN] IMO 8715455 cargo vessel built 1988 on the 16th Dec 2010 Sank between China on voyage to Haiphong Vietnam.

Twenty seven sailors are feared missing after a Vietnamese cargo ship PHU TAN sank in waters off Vietnam's central Ha Tinh province on the 16th December 2010 due to strong winds.
Mv Phu Tan a 14,000 ton cargo vessel was sailing from Vietnam to northern Haiphong city when it hit bad weather.
Vietnamese authority received a distress signal from the ship on Thursday morning. It immediately dispatched rescue vessels to search for the ship and ordered one oil tanker near the scene to participate in the rescue search.
Chinese maritime rescue authorities has also dispatched a rescue vessel to search for the missing sailors after receiving emergency calls from the Vietnamese maritime authority.
However, Vietnamese salvage authority lost contact with the ship later Thursday. Hindered by the bad weather, the rescue vessels were having difficulties in reaching the site. Vietnamese salvage authority said the 27 sailors may have fallen overboard.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Scrapped ships / to be broken up as of 14th Dec 2010

CABOT ORIENT [VN] IMO 8317069 Cargo vessel built 1984 - 1,640 t
VIKSTRAUM [BS] IMO 7917587 Tanker built 1981 - 3,430 t
SITEAM ACTINIA [MT] IMO 8917077 Chem tanker built - 9,289 t
BASIL [SV] IMO 7532650 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 14,158 t

JOHAR [PK] IMO 7917393 Tanker built 1985 - 15,636 t
CUSTOM [PA] IMO 8001866 tanker built 1981 - 2,671 t
SEALARK [BS] IMO 7711402 Cargo vessel built 1979 - 1,559 t

OCEAN HOPE [TV] IMO 8028096 Tanker built 1982 - 24,330 t [ex BERGINA]
IDA EC HILDA MARU [SG] IMO 7376965 VLCC built 1976 - 37,182 Ldt
RACINE [NO] IMO 8116582 LPG tanker built 1985 - 21,998 t [ex Berge Racine]

JIN SE DA DI [PRC] IMO 7406928 Bulk carrier built 1976 - 9,000 Ldt [ex Golden Land]
KAPITAN KIRIY [RU] IMO 7384261 Bulk carrier built 1974 - 14,204 t

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Ships scrapped / to be broken up as of 12th Dec 2010

KUN MING HU [PRC] IMO 8013558 Tanker built 1982 - 60,585 t
AFFLATUS [HK] IMO 8309660 Bulk Carrier 1985 - 43,309 t
RUBY PRINCESS [VN] IMO 7389015 Tanker built 1975 - 140,905 t

ENDEAVOUR RIVER [AUS] IMO 8019007 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 75,105 t
AVIL [IN] IMO 8316625 Tanker built 1985 - 67,153 t
ASRAAR E MOSTAFA [COM] IMO 7600768 Bulk Carrier built 1977 - 35,271 t

BAO YUAN MEN [SV] IMO 7821178 Bulk Carrier built 1982 - 37,061 t
CM SPIRIT [USA] IMO 7046168 Tanker built 1970 - 27,726 t [ex - Exxon Galveston]

Ro-Ro Jolly Amaranto IMO 7616365 sinks

Mv Jolly Amaranto [IT] IMO 7616365 10,677 t and buit in 1977 got in trouble 50 miles off the coast of Egypt during a strom on December 11th 2010. It had 21 crew on board 16 of them being Italians.

The ship had a list of 30 to 40 degrees. The ship was on transit from Genova and was bound for Alexandria with 38 containers on board contain mostly dangerous goods.

The vessel reported being disabled at 35 15 N 27 11.5 E, with heavy roll. Master requested evacuationof the vessel.

North Spirit sinks in Bay of Biscay

On Dec 10 2010 the general cargo vessel North Spirit requested immediate assistance 50 miles off Cape Ortegal, Bay of Biscay. The vessel which was enroute betweem Sweden and Algier with a cargo of timber, presumably the cargo shifted and the vessel started to dangerously list. Spannish authorities sent three helicopters to the scene, all 17 crew were evacuated and transported to the airport at La Coruna, no casualities or injures were reported. The crew on board were 9 Ukranians and 8 Russians.

North Spirit IMO 8502042 dwt7148, built 1989, flag S-Vincent,

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Scrapped ships / to be broken up as of 8th Dec 2010

EASTERN SEA [MT] IMO 8311039 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 6,002
PRANAM [IN] IMO 8321383Tanker built 1984 - 10,300 t
LANCER [PH] IMO 7652785 Cargo vessel built 1976 - 1,650 t
BROADWAY [PA] IMO 8421391 Caro ship built 1985 - 6,503 t

Golden Line 8 [PA] IMO 8105430 Bulker built 1982 - 6,485 t

BERGE RACINE [NO] IMO 8116582 LPG Tanker built 1985 - 63,254 Dwt
DOROUSSA [LR] IMO 8009909 Oil tanker built 1982 - 31,416 t
Tanker built 1985 - 13,153 Ldt
FU HAN KOU [PA] IMO 8322753 Cargo vessel built 1986 - 15,375 t.
PROMISE [SG] IMO 8805688 Tanker built 1991 - 19,637 t
FEDON [BS] IMO 7942336 Bulk carrier built - 9,425 t
CORAL MOON [PA] IMO 8503876 Roro built - 5,340 t
RUBBY [NG] IMO 8001567 Tanker built 1982 - 29.999 dwt [SC FEB 10]
ANGELIM [BZ] IMO 8201507 Chem tanker built 1985 - 10,260 t

BALLSTAD [NO] IMO 7004574 Fishing vessel built 1969 - 615 t
Norsul Sobral [BZ] IMO 7433098 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 26,500 t

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ships Lost at sea

AYNUR KRK [TR] IMO 7820021 Cargo ship built 1980 - 4,895 t Capsized at La Nouvelle, France on passsage to Egypt 11th Oct 2010

HAI XIN [PA] IMO 8324414 Cargo ship built 1984 - 6,684 t Sank on passage from Russia to China on 22nd Nov 2010

KARIM I [SL] IMO Cargo vessel built 1977 Sank Varna, Bulgaria to Karabiga,Turkey
It is reported that collision of MV Karim 1 loaded with 2600 tonnes of steel scrap and an empty Dutch tanker MT Alesando DP happened on November 30th 2010 at about 18 hours local time, i10 miles away to South-West from Emine cape not far from Bourgas Port in Bulgaria.
5 meter bulk vessel MV Karim 1, which sailed under Sierra Leone flag, sank soon after the collision.
There were 9 citizens of Syria and one of Egypt on the board.

NASCO DIAMOND [PA] IMO 9467861 Bulk carrier built 2009 - 17,000 t on route to Kolondale sank in the south China sea on 9th November 2010

Sheng Jia 16 [CAM] IMO 9545845 Cargo ship built 2008 - 4,500 dwt the vessel with 3,000 mt of fluorite on board sank in Taiwan Strait 20th Oct 2010

Hong Wei [PA] IMO 9230139 - 27,996-gt bulk carrier carrying 40,000 tons of nickel from China with 24 crewmembers, sank off Batanes Province, about 120-nm southwest of Itbayat Island, on Dec 3. 14 crewmembers were immediately rescued and 10 remain missing.

Jian Mao 9 [PA] IMO 518915 - 20,444-gt cargo vessel with a crew of 26, sank off Vietnam’s central city of Danang on Nov 9. Crewmembers were rescued by Panama flagged Nyk Aquarius IMO 9262704 which had been sailing from China’s Senkou port to the SP-PSA port in Ba Ria-Vung.