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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Ship demolitions as of 1/12/2011

BONNIE SMITHWICK [BS] IMO 9050084 Ore/Oil Carrier built 1993 - 83,155 dwt

Mi Rae [KRN] IMO 7700063 Cargo vessel built 1978 by Swan Hunter UK - 28,973 dwt

Monday, 28 November 2011

Ship demolitions as of 28/11/2011

Amderma [RU] IMO 8119144 Roro built 1982 - 23,000 dwt
Areti I [PA] IMO 7710771 Cargo vessel built 1979 - 15,884 dwt
General Trader [MD] IMO 8123884 Cargo vessel built 1982 - 7,805 dwt
Ruhunupura [PA] IMO 8120959 Cargo vessel built 1982 - 5,967 dwt
Sami Canbaz [MD] IMO 8828939 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 19,239 dwt
Success Power [PA] IMO 8004521 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 55,615 dwt

Dong Binh [PA] IMO 7611573 Cargo vessel built in 1980 by Austin and Pickersgill, Sunderland, UK - 15,240 dwt

Bravery [PA] IMO 8110100 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 35,160 dwt

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ship demolitions as of 27/11/2011

Ems Traveller [AG] IMO 8324608 Cargo vessel built 1984 - 17,400 dwt
Liquid Crystal [PA] IMO 8905177 Tanker built 1989 - 7,623 dwt

Hong Luck [VC] IMO 7915242 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 19,403 dwt
Kitano [PA] IMO 8914001 Container vessel built 1990 - 59,804 dwt

Multan [PK] IMO 7822093 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 18,257 dwt
George Lyras [GR] IMO 8120753 Cargo vessel built 1984 - 37,730 dwt

Information is given in good faith and not guaranteed

Mv Swanland lost at sea in bad weather


BBC news reported this morning 27/11/2011 the cargo vessel Mv Swanland had sunk in bad weather in the Irish Sea.

Swanland, built in 1977 was carrying 3,000 tonnes of stone from Raynes Jetty in North Wales to Cowes in the Isle of Wight, when she sent out a mayday call 30 miles off the north west coast of Wales at 02:00 GMT.

Two crewmen were rescued and five Russian crewmen are currently missing, vessels in the area Mt Bro Gazelle, Mt Monsoon and Mt Keewhit were assisting the RNLI, along with RAF rescue helicopters from Anglesey, Cornwall and the Irish Republic.

Latest : Sad news reported that a body has been recovered from the sea near the scene, and an empty life raft was recovered, but was empty.

Two of the survivors were flown to the local hospital in Bangor, who described the vessel being hit by an "enormous wave" which rolled the vessel over and then broke in two.

Rescue services are deciding to call off the search for tonight and resume again in the morning.

Let's hope all crewmen can be rescued and our thoughts are with those involved at this tragic time.

Mv Swanland
Flag [CK]
IMO: 7607431
General Cargo Ship
Built 1977

BBC News link

RAF rescue footage

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


MED SALVADOR ex Columbialand, broken up Alang 2011


IMO 7532650
Arriving Liverpool 2006
Broken up at Alang 2011


IMO 7714349
Arriving Liverpool 8th April 2008
Broken up 2009

Ship demolitions 22/11/2011

Manhattan Princess [PH] IMO 8029715 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 45,520 dwt

Sinbad [NO] IMO 7907635 Chemical tanker built 1981 - 8,415 dwt

Shinzan Maru [MH] IMO 8600612 OBO built 1987 - 201,000 dwt

Selcuk K [MD] IMO 6912384 Roro built 1969 - 3,014 dwt
San Paolo [PH] IMO 7033939 Ropax built 1971 - 1,982 dwt
Lider Avrasya [GE] IMO 7033202 Ropax built 1970 - 1,157 dwt

Information given in good faith without guarantee

Monday, 21 November 2011

Ship Demolitions as of 21/11/2011

Alina [UA] IMO 7525683 Bulk carrier built 1977 - 34,318 dwt

Black Jade [KR] IMO 8312423 Tanker built 1983 - 4,231 dwt
YM Europe [TW] IMO 8807741 Container vessel built 1992 - 47,998 dwt

Friday, 18 November 2011

Ships to be demolished 19/11/2011

FRONT DELTA [MH] IMO 9012616 Oil tanker built built 1993 - 136,055 dwt

BLACK PEARL [KR] IMO 8204092 Tanker built 1982 - 5,067 dwt

THERESA PEGASUS [KI] IMO 7923562 Tanker built 1982 - 39,742 dwt
XIN YUAN CHAO [PA] IMO 8102749 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 34,287 dwt
Manar [TZ] IMO 7501807 Cargo vessel built 1976 - 8,183 dwt
HA GIANG [VN] IMO 7370442 Cargo vessel built 1974 - 11,849 dwt
Tirumali [IN] IMO 8512413 Tanker built 1991 - 21,035 dwt

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mv Khalijia III catches fire while being scrapped

Fire broke out on the merchant vessel Mv Khalijia III on Monday afternoon 15th November 2011. The fire was brought under control 3 hours later. Mv Khalijia III has been docked at the port of Mumbai ever since its collision with MV Chitra last year, causing the worse ver oil spill in the Arabian Sea. Three shipyard workers were injured onboard suffering severe burns.

The fire brigade received a call at 4.30pm saying there was a fire in the engine room of the ship.

The fire brigade said the workers, who were in the process of scrapping the ship may have been using gas cutters. Sparks from must have come in contact with the residual oil within the ship.

When contacted, the Sewri police said they were investigating to find out whether there was any negligence on the part of the workers who are scrapping the ship.

"It was an accident due to some residual oil around the area that was being welded. The vessel is being scrapped at Darukhanna shipbreaking yard in Mumbai, so it must have happened during the scraping process,” said director general of Shipping S Agnihotri.

Source: The Hindustan Times. 15 November 2011

Ships for demolition 17/11/2011

Eastern Light [BZ] IMO 7920534 Passenger/roro built 1981 - 15,789 dwt [ex Seafrance Renoir]

Express Limnos [GR] IMO 7305514 Passenger vessel built 1981 - 5,238 dwt
HMS Southampton D90 type 42 distroyer built 1976 - 4,820 t

Austrheim [NO] IMO 7105005 Passenger vessel built 1971 - 749 gt
Porsoy [VC] IMO 7521936 Fishing Reefer built 1977 - 1,259 dwt

All information given in good faith and without guarantee

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ships to be demolished 15/11/2011

Saipan Leader [MY] IMO 8123157 Cargo vessel built 1982 - 11,468 dwt
Siapan Winner [MY] IMO 8313257 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 5,490 dwt
Xin Yuan Chau [PA] IMO 8102749 Bulk carrier built 1987 - 34,290 dwt
Harita Ferro [CN] IMO 8025800 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 36,863 dwt

Grand Midas [PA] IMO 7720685 Bulk carrier built 1978 - 19,408 dwt

Information given in good faith.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Joseph and Clara Smallwood and Caribou, unusual goings on

Interesting to note that the company that bought the two vessels have removed any mention of them from their website, obviously not good publicity for them.

Then a post was put on the shipspotting website yesterday [11/11/2011] asking if anyone was interested in buying memorabilia from the two vessels before the breaking up of the two vessels started in 15 days time, the post gave the impression that it was from the shipbreaker in Alang, It seem that the posting was quickly removed.

Recent Article from Gulf News

The controversy about the sale of the vessels was raised after The Gulf News obtained photos of the ferries formerly known as the MV Joseph and Clara Smallwood and the MV Caribou beached at Alang, India.
The photos confirmed what had been rumored for weeks - that the ferries had gone directly from North Sydney to the beaches at Alang, India to be broken down for scrap.
Alang has a reputation for unsafe working conditions and unsound environmental practices, and that presents a problem according to MP Leslie.
She said legally, Canada has laws against the disposal of ships in this sort of manner.
“There are practically no labour standards and no environmental standards,” said MP Leslie of the yard at Alang. “What this says to me is this government agency is getting around the rules we have in place in Canada doing something that we would never allow to happen in Canada by shipping our problem away.”
In a seven-page document released by Marine Atlantic last Wednesday (click here to read it), the Crown corporation gave a detailed account of how it went about selling the two ferries.
The document disclosed that the MV Caribou was sold for $3.875 million and the MV Joseph and Clara Smallwood was sold for $3.8 million.
Marine Atlantic said one stipulation of the sale was that any dismantling of the ships would be done in a “green” facility up to International Marine Organization (IMO) standards.
For the opposition critic, the green disposal clause in the sale contract points to a bigger problem.
“If they knew enough to put it in as a term of sale, then they knew enough to know it might be breached and they knew enough to know these ships might end up on a beach in India,” said MP Leslie.
The ships were sold to two separate buyers but ownership changed hands within a few months to a single owner called Best Oasis Limited of India.
Until last week, Best Oasis Limited’s website had the Caribou and the Smallwood listed under its list of achievements. Some ships under the achivements list had a date under the heading “date beached” although the Caribou and Smallwood did not.
Sometime last week, that list was replaced with an email address and a notice telling readers to write the address for more information on the company’s achievements.
In its explanation of the sale, Marine Atlantic said the buyers’ failure to have the ships recycled at a “green” shipbreaking facility “would constitute a breach of the terms of sale and Marine Atlantic will consider its options up to and including legal action.”
Marine Atlantic said it did not recycle the vessels itself because it would not fit into its business model and the corporation lacks the expertise to do such work.
The corporation said it did not pay to have the vessels recycled because it was seeking the best financial return for the people of Canada.
MP Leslie wondered if the federal government might have found opportunity in developing a green shipbreaking industry in Canada, especially in light of two multi-billion dollar shipbuilding contracts recently announced.
“I don’t know if that is feasible but it is worth exploring,” she said.
She also noted the shipbuilding contracts are to replace aging military vessels. She said if it’s too late to do something about the ferries, the federal government needs to make plans so outgoing military vessels are disposed of properly.
While Marine Atlantic has said legal action is a possibility, MP Leslie said she doesn’t see that as a realistic option considering the potential cost.
What she would like to see is the problem addressed so that this doesn’t happen to more Canadian vessels.
“You don’t get to say ‘I don’t want to deal with our rules so I’m going to ship our problem overseas.’ That’s not actually the moral or ethical thing to do. It is our problem because they’re our vessels.”

Friday, 11 November 2011

Ships for demolition 12/112011

TABASSUM [IR] IMO 8112990 Bulker built 1983 - 34,860 dwt
ALASKA II [PA] IMO 7374644 Bulker built 1975 - 26,681 dwt
DEVIGLORYI [PA] IMO 8108705 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 26,400 dwt
ZHONG YANG MEN [CN] IMO 7620574 Bulk carrier built 1977 - 24,815 dwt
SUN BRIDGE [PA] IMO 8903325 Tanker built 1989 - 13,901 dwt
WORLD BRIDGE [PA] IMO 8903337 Tanker built 1989 - 13,901 dwt

GOLDEN SUN [PA] IMO 8500240 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 100,488 dwt

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ships for demolition 9/11/2011

Red Sea Spirit [PA] IMO 7718888 Cargo vessel built 1977 - 17,556 dwt
Balticum [LV] IMO 7528594 Roro built 1977 - 9,700 dwt [ex Tor Baltica]

Monday, 7 November 2011

Ships to be demolished 7/11/2011

Ilse [GR] IMO 8115291 Cargo vessel built 1982 - 65,239 dwt
Oreanda [SK] IMO 8512009 Reefer built 1985 - 6,485 dwt
Kota Abadi [HK] IMO 8310906 Container vessel built 1984 - 21,888 dwt
Mayank [GE] IMO 8031122 Container vessel built 1980 - 7,805 dwt

Dominant [KM] IMO 7381843 Pusher tug built 1974 - 673 gt

Koca Reis [TK] IMO 9043108 Cargo vessel built 1992 - 8,700 dwt [suffered fire on board]

Sebarok Spirit [BS] IMO 9041370 Oil tanker built 1993 - 95,649 dwt

Information is gathered from various sources and given in good faith and cannot be guaranteed.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Ships to be scrapped 3/11/2011

SV Sarafim [PA] IMO 7620615 Bulk carrier built 1978 - 43,052 dwt
Jolly Zaffiro [IT] IMO 7705958 Cargo/roro built 1978 - 28,098 dwt
Jolly Corallo [IT] IMO 7705960 Cargo/roro built 1979 - 28,178 dwt
American Tern [US] IMO 8908088 Container vessel built 1990 - 17,273 dwt
Gibraltar [RU] IMO 7642663 Reefer built 1977 - 13,303 dwt
Tambov [RU] IMO 8225723 Reefer built 1982 - 12,243 dwt
King Pioneer [VC] IMO 7806570 Cargo vessel built 1979 - 22,154 dot
Sebarok Spirit [BS] IMO 9041370 Tanker built 1993 - 95,600 dwt
Kapitan Bochek [CY] IMO 8212946 Bulker built 1982 - 19,255 dwt

Clary [VC] IMO 7623124 Cargo vessel built 1979 - 16,227 dwt
Maumee [US] IMO 5057709 Bulk carrier built 1929 - 12,497 dwt

Information comes from various sources and cannot be guaranteed.