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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ship demolitions

Please note that the date that appears on the headings of the post does not indicate that it is the date that the ship got beached or scrapped. It could be upto a few months before they arrive to be broken up, in one case 12 months.

The posting date just indicates when the information was obtained and uploaded. Websites like Equasis give the date of which the ship was sold for scrap, but there may be other website that give the final beaching dates.

If there is any inaccuracy in the data i have put on this site,"" please comment"", and only if the information is correct you are commenting on, and the posting will be corrected.

All information on this blog is gathered from various sources in the UK, Europe, and the Far East and I rely on their accuracy, which i have found not always the case, including final beaching destinations, names etc. I have tried hard to find the correct information, and where I have been unsuccessful I have not posted the information on this site.

All information posted on this site is copyrighted

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