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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Ship demolition report 30/12/2012

Seijin [PA] IMO 8417572 Vehicle carrier built 1985 - 15,397 dwt

Eridge [BM] IMO 9043471 Bulk carrier built 1993 - 122,792 dwt

Nona Mary [GR] IMO 7217078 Roro passenger built 1972 - 861 dwt

Queen of Saanich [CA] IMO 5408142 Passenger roro built 1963 - 1,593 dwt
Queen of Vancouver [CA] IMO 5288035 Passenger roro built 1962 - 1,260 dwt
Msc Brasilia [PA] IMO 8502872 Container vessel built 1986 - 43,270 dwt

Maud [LR] IMO 9036519 Bulk carrier built 1993 - 83,155 dwt

Friday, 28 December 2012

Ship demolition report 28/12/2012

Msc Washington [GR] IMO Container vessel built 1984 - 53,325 dwt
SV Nikolay [PA] IMO 8025329 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 37,531 dwt
Marwan H [MD] IMO 8319110 Cargo vessel built 1984 - 8,880 dwt
Hanjin Osaka [LR] IMO 9015527 Cintainer vessel built 1992 - 62,681 dwt

Kapitan Chukhchin [RU] IMO 8131922 Cargo vessel built 1981 - 19,252 dwt

And as reported here on the 1/11/2012 the Former P and O ferry Pride of Dover
has finally arrived at Aliaga for scrapping

Rodanthi [GR] IMO 7353078 Passenger roro built 1974 - 1,930 dwt
Maria Rickmers [MH] IMO 9063976 Container vessel built 1993 -  14,069 dwt
Vienna S [BD] IMO 7615024 Cargo vessel built 1978 - 2,800 dwt

Magdalene [LR] IMO 8718134 Bulk carrier built 1989 - 152,160 dwt
Invincible [LR] IMO 8521828 Reefer built 1985 - 9,360 dwt
Frio Adriatic [BZ] IMO 8620129 Reefer built 1986 - 10,021 dwt
Zhushui 8 [PA] IMO 8108602 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 64,155 dwt
Luyang Hong kong [PA] IMO 8010881 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 67,485 dwt

Hing Kong Sun [HK] IMO 8208206 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 25,425 dwt

Porto Leone [MH] IMO 9039339 Cargo vessel built 1994 - 15,578 dwt

Capahuari [PE] IMO 8920359 Tanker built 1993 -  28,840 dwt

Monday, 24 December 2012

QE2 reported to be sold for scrapping

Yet another Rumour of the QE2 'sold for scrap'

Former Cunard flagship The QE2 is set to be sold to the Chinese for scrap for £20 million after a bid to bring it back to the UK as a five-star floating hotel failed. The ship has been moored in a commercial port in Dubai since it was sold for £64 million in 2008. A British consortium presented owner Dubai World with a bid to bring the QE2 to London and convert into a five star hotel moored opposite the O2 Arena. The QE2 London bid could have brought up to 2,000 jobs to London. However a Chinese crew of around 20 boarded the QE2 last Friday leading to fears it has already been sold as scrap, the Daily Mail reported. They replaced a crew of around 40 who had been maintaining the QE2 in Port Rashid for the last four years. Roger Murray of QE2 London told the newspaper: “We have been told the ship is going to be put into a dry dock before being taken to an unknown destination in the far east. “That is a tragedy because it almost certainly means the QE2 is being sold as scrap.

Source Travelweekly

Also according to a statement from Cunard, former owner of the QE2 said in a statement.
We have noted the messages of understandable concern with regards to the recent article in the Daily Mail with reference to QE2. We remain in close contact with Dubai and can reassure you that to the very best of our knowledge this story is pure speculation - one of a number of stories and rumours as we have seen over recent months. Our best advice would be to ignore the story.

Best regards,
Cunard Line.

But with very on going plans for the vessel, I cannot see what she will eventually be used for, and no one wants an ageing cruise liner. We know what happened to the last RMS Queen Elizabeth in Hong Kong [my own opinion]

Friday, 21 December 2012

Ship demolition report 21/12/12

Freesia [PA] IMO 8812629 Wood chip carrier built 1989 - 36,727 dwt

Great One [PA] IMO 7918268 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 35,680 gt
Wizard [PA] IMO 8510104 Cargo vessel built 1985 - 5,545 gt ex Kookyang Pohang

Ship demolition report 21/12/12

Golden Bridge [KN] IMO 7719222 Cargo vessel built 1981 - 15,709 dwt

Anna Knutsen [NO] IMO 8504090 Tanker built 1987 - 129,154 dwt

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ship demolition report 18/12/2012

Sagitta [MT] IMO 8036093 Cargo vessel built 1982 - 6,208 dwt

MSC Chelsea [PA] IMO 8128925 Container vessel built 1983 - 25,412 dwt
Leeds Castle [PA] IMO 8010697 Cargo vessel built 1982 - 41,880 dwt
Hansa India [DE] IMO 9070967 Container vessel built 1994 - 43,069 dwt

Jaru Bhum [TH] IMO 8214528 Container vessel built 1982 - 12,634 dwt

Friendship V [PA] IMO 8323213 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 29,135 dwt
Navion Savonita [KN] IMO 9012317 Tanker built 1992 - 108,712 dwt renamed Avon
Great News [LR] IMO 8208347 Crude oil tanker built 1984 - 60,792 dwt
Alexandria [GR] IMO 8004181 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 29,372 dwt

Ever New [KR] IMO 8514813 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 7,059 dwt
No.7 Seahan [KR] IMO 8414427 Tanker built 1984 - 3,000 dwt
Choyang Greenpia [KR] IMO 7818004 Tanker built 1978 - 6,760 dwt

Monday, 17 December 2012

Ship demolition report 17/12/2012

Araucano [SL] IMO 6615106 Naval aux vessel built 1967 - 18,030 dwt
Z Atlantic [PA] IMO 7640196 LPG tanker built 1980 - 55,728 dwt
SPM [KN] IMO 9070761 Container vessel built 1994 - 20,252 dwt ex Northern Harmony
Pearl Ray [LR] IMO 7825435 Vehicle roro carrier built 1980 - 14,873 dwt
Artemis [GR] IMO 8314794 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 28,082 dwt
Bow Leopard [SG] IMO 8709286 Tanker built 1988 - 39,512 dwt
Belde [PA] IMO 8308903 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 37,732 dwt

Attractive [PA] IMO 8307595 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 41,524 dwt
Bosporus Bridge [PA] IMO 9043768 Container vessel built 1993 - 47,359 dwt

Ostsee Merchant [MH] IMO 8407694 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 64,887 dwt

Ocean Korea [KR] IMO 8113516 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 64,575 dwt
Ocean Noble [PA] IMO 8323434 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 37,963 dwt
Kestral Arrow [BS] IMO 8013857 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 42,149 dwt

Golden Light [VN] IMO 7822380 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 15,100 dwt

Rabat [MT] IMO 8901638 Container vessel built 1990 - 9,766 dwt
Lola B [ES] IMO 9071040 Container vessel built 1994 - 10,487 dwt

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ship demolition report 11/12/2012

MSC London [LR] IMO 8502884 Container vessel built 1986 - 43,270 dwt
Ahmed Arab [SA] IMO 8122581 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 22,351 dwt
Bramco 2 [PA] IMO 8315657 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 54,500 dwt
Italia [MH] IMO 8806785 Container vessel built 1991 - 47,239 dwt
Altanger [SG] IMO 8502822 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 30,382 dwt
Pusan Reefer [LR] IMO 8316077 Reefer built 1984 - 8,239 dwt
Tegucigalpa [MH] IMO 7387237 Bulk carrier built 1975 - 11,849 dwt
MSC Dymphna [MT] IMO  Container vessel built 1988 - 43,224 dwt
Santo Success [CY] IMO 8220175 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 63,261 dwt
Conti Shanghai [DE] IMO 9113630 Container vessel built 1996 - 44,510 dwt

Chang Jian [CN] IMO 8333465 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 12,069 gt
Jin Shan Hai [CN] IMO 8205549 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 34,971 dwt

T Star [PA] IMO 8307428 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 42,842 dwt

Olympia [AG] IMO 8513778 Container vessel built 1986 - 12,500 dwt

Friday, 7 December 2012

Ship demolition report 7/12/2012

ASSO DICIANNOVE IT] IMO 7700128 Anchor handling vessel built 1978 - 1,550 dwt

ASSO DICIOTTO [IT] IMO 8100791 Anchor handling vessel built 1982 - 1,229 dwt

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Alang the unlikely place to go shopping

Source - Times of India

The 50-km drive from the district centre of Bhavnagar to the maritime graveyard at the Alang Sosiya Ship Recycling Yard is bumpy and unpleasant. But for a few years now, this road has witnessed a growing stream of bargain hunters from all over India on an unlikely shopping expedition.

When a ship dies, it doesn't receive a dignified burial. It is taken apart to the every last valuable ounce of metal, and recycled. The process entails consequences to the environment. Alang Ship Recycling Yard turns into an unlikely shopping destination for bargain hunters and collectors

But along the long road that leads to Alang, a cottage industry has sprung up, selling every reusable part found in a ship, ranging from furniture to crockery, carpets, consumer goods such as television sets and refrigerators and all kinds of knick-knacks. These represent a bargain for their low cost and typical high quality- ship makers generally use top-notch equipment to minimise repairs during the product's lifecycle. Because of the bargains to be unearthed, and because goods that are not commonly found elsewhere can be bought here, the place attracts hoteliers, factory owners, art collectors, home makers and others who come looking for the remains of a vessel. Ship builders and owners do not take chance with quality of products they use and install on board. Anything that comes on ship has to be capable of performing in any marine conditions and also meet some of the global regulatory provisions," says Vimal Vaja, whose Harsh Traders sells kitchen appliances. Kitchen equipment makers use much better grade of steel to cater to the marine business, Vaja says. Utensils, refrigerators, coffee makers, sandwich grillers, platforms, hotplates, dish washers, steam kettles, vegetable cutting machines, soda makers, dough makers and ice-cube makers used in ships all have very robust build and are sought after by the hospitality sector.

Nearly a thousand shops dotting the main road sell used goods. There is no guarantee, but there is a bargain to be driven at every store. Many goods-especially electronics and home appliances-can be of very high quality, and feature designs not commonly seen in India. This is true also for furniture, carpets and other such household items. Boats, gym equipment, video games, navigation equipment, machine parts, tools and heavy machinery are also found in abundance. This has turned Alang into a hot destination for small businesses. Factory owners from industrial centres such as Jalandhar, Noida, Chennai, Hyderabad and Coimbatore come here looking for used diesel generator sets, motors, welding equipment, turbo chargers, oil purifier, heat exchangers, cooling towers, navigational safety equipment and other such industrial products.

Traders dealing in different products visit the vessel once the ship breaker is through with clearances from customs, the pollution control board and the maritime board. Traders negotiate with ship breakers for the entire cache of goods in their category.

Payments are made within a month of delivery that comes in phases once workers start dismantling the ship. Over the years, traders have become highly specialised and many boast a loyal clientele that come from afar to buy from them. Girish Dave of Bhagwati Traders is among the earliest entrants in the trade and owns a shop close to the yard. "I used to deal only in furniture when my shop was in the beginning of the market outside of ship breaking yard.

Now the market has expanded towards Bhavanagar and people don't come till the yard for shopping. Hence, I have started dealing with ropes and fishing nets." He bids for old and unused ropes found on the ships. "I sell ropes that are made to use in extreme weather conditions to handle heavy loads on ships. They have longer life and available cheaper here."

Ship demolition report 4/12/2012

Barry [LB] IMO 8409616 Cargo vessel built 1985 - 9,650 dwt
Cathrina [PA] IMO 7827691 Cargo vessel built 1981 - 15,919 dwt
Continental [LR] IMO 9039688 Tanker built 1993 - 96,724 dwt
MSC Sardinia [LR] IMO 8502896 Cintainer vessel built 1986 - 43,270 dwt
Qinfa 9 [HK] IMO 8913942 Bulk carrier built 1990 - 69,698 dwt

Kee Lung [PA] IMO 8128755 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 37,389 dwt
Mohegan Princess [PH] IMO 8213835 built 1983 - 26,320 dwt

Blackfin [BS] IMO 9110365 Tanker built 1995 - 43,246 dwt
SD Victory [GR] IMO 8516677 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 69,585 dwt
Vasco Bharathi [SG] IMO 9012783 Container vessel built 1993 - 9,198 dwt

C Laurel [KR] IMO 8907565 Bulk carrier built 1990 - 151,380 dwt
Dar Yun [TW] IMO 9056947 Vlcc tanker built 1994 - 262,618 dwt
Liberty Star [MH] IMO 8510647 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 64,059 dwt
De Sheng [CN] IMO 7611559 Cargo vessel built 1978 - 15,290 dwt [A&P Sunderland]
Seneca Maiden [PH] IMO 8601446 Cargo vessel built 1986 - 19,746 dwt
Hua Jin Xi [PA] IMO 8015192 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 64,976 dwt
Frio Spain [PA] IMO 8303903 Reefer built 1983 - 6,381 dwt

Santa Monica [LR] IMO 8918992 Container vessel built 1991 - 30,000 dwt
Seaboard Florida [PA] IMO 7812842 Roro vessel built 1979 - 12,169 dwt
Seaboard Trader [PA] IMO 7208194 Roro vessel built 1972 - 6,604 dwt

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ship demolition report 2/12/2012

Kapitan Vakula [CY] IMO 8326321 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 19,240 dwt
Bramco 2 [PA] IMO 8315657 Obo Carrier built 1984 - 54,500 dwt

Limnos [MT] IMO 9053775 Bulk carrier built 1992 - 52,560 dwt

Grenna Denmark
Debora [NO] IMO 6501537 Cargo vessel built 1965 - 3,889 dwt