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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Ship demolition report 30/1/2013

Al Jibal [SA] IMO 82144853 Tanker built 1982 - 6,187 dwt
Shinnecock Belle [PA] IMO 8312722 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 37,451 dwt
Bicas [BR] IMO 8214008 Tanker built 1985 - 91,671 dwt
Nadezhda [RU] IMO 8915809 Tanker built 1993 - 143,386 dwt

Sea Rich [PA] IMO 8411827 Cargo vessel built 1986 - 16,225 dwt
Hoegh Traveller [NO] IMO 81166908 Car carrier built 1983 - 15,379 dwt
Kunisaki Maru [PA] IMO 8607737 Bulk carrier built 1988 - 227,960 dwt
Mega Progress [PA] IMO 8501684 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 69,561 dwt
Sino West [PA] IMO 8708543 Container vessel built 1988 - 26,152 dwt

Tenora [PA] IMO 9060261 Container vessel built 1993 - 22,281 dwt
Asphodel [LR] IMO 8316467 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 28,303 dwt
Tan Binh [TV] IMO 8400880 Cargo vessel built 1984 - 7,013 dwt

Major Hubal [MT] IMO 8219310 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 33,725 dwt Polsteam shipping
Reboucas [TZ] IMO 8501799 Tanker built 1980 - 30,651 dwt
Krutika [IR] IMO 8108559 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 22,027 gt
Albus [PA] IMO 8126379 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 26,616 dwt
Rui Ming [PA] IMO 8402955 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 39,697 dwt
Brigg [KH] IMO 8024923 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 24,030 dwt
Conti Sharjah [ LR] IMO 9057501 Container vessel built 1994 - 44,510 dwt

Victory 8 [PA] IMO 8106771 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 66,221 dwt
Haina [HK] IMO 8800406 Bulk carrier built 1993 - 174,691 dwt
Jing Ye [PA] IMO 8217374 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 69,201 dwt
An Hua Jiang [CN] IMO 8306955 Cargo vessel built 1987 - 17,324 dwt

Friday 25 January 2013

Ship demolition report 25/1/2013

FGM Admiral [PA] IMO 8313972 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 33,288 dwt
Vitoria [MT] IMO 8101903 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 28,251 dwt
Kamal XXVIII IMO 7314943 dredger built 1973 - 666 dwt

SC Baltic [DK] IMO 7393793 Cargo vessel built 1975 - 3,994 dwt ex Trans Baltic

Loodsboot 6 [BE] IMO 8424886 Pilot vessel built 1977

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Ship demolition report 22/1/2013

Sadent [DM] IMO 8313960 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 33,780 dwt
Cosmos Venture [LR] IMO 8600143 Vehicle carrier built 1986 - 17,760 dwt
Saipan Skipper [LR] IMO 8027913 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 11,847 dwt
Powstaniec Styczniowy [PL] IMO 8313960 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 33,780 dwt

Asian Spirit [ ] IMO 8600208 Vehicle carrier built 1988 - 21,505 dwt
Nancy Knutsen [NO] IMO 9020699 Tanker built 1993 - 95,468 dwt
VSP Moonstone [PA] IMO 8311089 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 63,463 dwt

Leunidas Warrior [LR] IMO 8612275 Bulk carrier built 1987 - 183,318 dwt

Italperuna [BR] IMO 8900048 Tanker built 1994 - 44,553 dwt

RFA Fort George A388 [UK] IMO 8800690 built 1989 - 28,821 dwt

Sunday 20 January 2013

Ship demolitions 20/1/2013

Shou Guang Hai [CN] IMO 8412053 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 45,123 dwt
Azalea Lii [PA] IMO 8223359 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 36,202 dwt
Theoforos I [PA] IMO 8510049 Bulk carrier built 1987 - 67,395 dwt

CSL Marie [CY] IMO 9043782 Cintainer vessel built 1993 - 47,425 dwt
Jacksonville [US] IMO 7901916 Pusher Tug built 1982 - 488 dwt [unconfirmed]
Saligna [KN] IMO 9078153 Wood chip carrier built 1994 - 46,790 dwt
Lok Prem [IN] IMO 8126771 Bulk carrier built 1990 - 26,714 dwt

Inci [KM] IMO 7121712 Cargo vessel built 1971 - 2,226 dwt
Vos Atlantico [IT] IMO 7420728 Safety tug vessel built 1975 - 995 dwt

Thursday 17 January 2013

India hits all time record for ship breaking

India: Shipbreaking yards in India broke all previous records in dismantling well over 500 vessels last year, according to experts at Star Matrix.

It states in a report published in late 2012: 'India makes history in terms of maximum number of ships beached this year, with 527 vessels making an average of 1.4 ships beached per day. With 5.2 million tonnes being recycled from ships, ship recycling in India contributed to 9% of total steel manufactured in India.' Furthermore, 52 ships were reported as arriving at the Alang shipbreaking hub during the final week of 2012.

Though optimism characterised the sector in Bangladesh towards the end of last year, more movements and bigger vessels are expected by mid-January 2013, remarks Star Matrix. And it adds that China's demolition market 'has again geared up with a little influx in price' - a development which subsequently 'opened doors' for ship owners to benefit from competitive offers from markets in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well as China.

The demolition experts have also shared a theory as to why ships in the 1000 to 6500 ldt range generally command lower rates, arguing that they typically make their end-of-life voyage to Mumbai ship recycling yards, resulting in a complete change in shipbreaking estimations and costing.

As opposed to the Alang yards, Mumbai boasts some 12-15 breaking plots which are all operated on a rental basis, thus putting breakers 'at the mercy of Bombay port trust for the permissions and the approvals of breaking a particular ship'. Mumbai has been breaking some 60 small ships a year, according to Star Matrix.

Source: recycling international

Ship demolitions 16/1/2013

Harbel Cutlass [LR] IMO 7900584 Bulk carrier built 1980 - 11,733 dwt
Saudi Abha [SA] IMO 8121745 Roro / container built 1983 - 42,600 dwt
Alimar [LR] IMO 8407890 Bulk carrier built 1987 - 64,441 dwt
Liberty Spirit [US] IMO 8500549 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 64,152 dwt
Northern Relience [LR] IMO 9064865 Container vessel built 1994 - 42,085 dwt

Rubin Crane [PA] IMO 9064114 Bulk carrier built 1994 - 154,310 dwt
Larch 1 [MH] IMO 9155080 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 51,536 dwt

Tanzanite [PA] IMO 8306864 Cargo vessel built 1984 - 17,247 dwt

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Ship demolition report 15/1/2013

MSC Sentosa [HK] IMO 8011213 Container vessel built 1982 - 33,379 dwt
Fairwind [VC] IMO 8411281 Cargo vessel built 1985 - 12,816 dwt
Parmida [IN] IMO 8105284 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 37,537 dwt
Longevity [PA] IMO 8312150 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 64,951 dwt
Arioca [ KN] IMO 8200046 Tanker built 1986 - 18,997 dwt
Madura [LR] IMO 9080405 Container vessel built 1994 - 22,494 dwt

Volgo Balt 122 [AG] IMO 8855633 Cargo vessel built 1970 - 2,907 dwt
Ellsair Taio [PA] IMO 857224 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 41,276 dwt

Acs Demonstrator [AG] IMO 7429279 Cargo vessel built 1973 - 2,570 dwt

Elver [CY] IMO 8504698 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 32,431 dwt
Northern Honour [LR] IMO 9104914 Container vessel built 1995 - 42,655 dwt

Vos Sailor [BS] IMO 8104113 Rescue vessel built 1981 - 516 dwt

PWP 1 [MY] IMO 8111790 Heavy load ship built 1982

Duhailow [BM] IMO 9043469 Bulk carrier built 1993 - 122,774 dwt

Thursday 10 January 2013

Ship demolition report 10/1/2013

Al Qawiyyu [PA] IMO 8103315 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 37,636 dwt
Cassini [MD] IMO 7915230 Bulk carrier built 1980 - 23,050 dwt
Deal Castle [VC] IMO 8220230 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 26,320 dwt
Cape Norman [LR] IMO 9121429 Container vessel built 1998 - 22,338 dwt
Providence [LR] IMO 9084417 Container vessel built 1995 - 22,420 dwt
Eva [MT] IMO 9081734 Container vessel built 1994 - 20,140 dwt
Sunrise 89 [MN] IMO 8029820 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 21,351 dwt
Irenese Dream [CY] IMO 8913693 Container vessel built 1991 - 47,273

Global Carrier [FI] IMO 7528647 Roro vessel built 1978 - 13,117 dwt

Amira Dina [TV] IMO 8020745 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 29,514 dwt
Caravelas [BR] IMO 8200034 Tanker built 1986 - 18,922 dwt
Rofos [LR] IMO 8309787 Tanker built 1985 - 50,000 dwt

Leonidas Warrior [LR] IMO 8612275 Bulk carrier built 1987 - 183,316 dwt
Keros Warrior [LR] IMO 8718146 Bulk carrier built 1989 - 149,528 dwt
Vine [BM] IMO 8806498 Bulk carrier built 1990 - 123,503 dwt
Torben Spirit [BS] IMO 9041746 Tanker built 1994 - 98,822 dwt
Shun Ming [PA] IMO 8114314 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 69,011 dwt

Zhong Chang 28 [CN] IMO 8201351 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 18,411 dwt
Yi Hai [CN] IMO 8307741 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 26,950 gt
Jin Hai Yang [CN] IMO 9109665 Tanker built 1995 - 5,877 gt
Jin Hai Tong [CN] IMO 9109689 Tanker built 1995 - 5,877 gt
Turnberry Glory [CY] IMO 8419001 built 1987 - 68,303 dwt
LT Genova [PA] IMO 8818166 Container vessel built 1993 - 41,700 dwt

Cape Spear [LR] IMO 9134701 Container vessel built 1997 - 13,762 dwt

Xin She Kou [CN] IMO 8026086 Container vessel built 1983 - 34,377 dwt

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Workers at Alang go on strike

Ship-breakers at Alang Ship-breaking yard have gone on indefinate strike demanding the repeal of section 304 of IPC against the ship-breakers. Police, earlier, had booked two ship breakers under section 304 of IPC in connection with fire which killed six persons at Alang. 

Is it the end for QE2

Dubai has cancelled plans to host over 160 events aboard the QE2 - the iconic cruise liner it bought for $100m in 2007 and which is currently moored at Port Rashid - as the emirate plans how to dispose of the asset, Arabian Business has learned.
A scrapyard in India is now thought to be the QE2’s most likely final destination.
Owned by Istithmar, the investment arm of state-owned Dubai World, since June 2007, various plans have been pitched over the last five years to turn the 45 year-old cruise liner into a luxury floating hotel.
After many failed attempts, the QE2’s relaunch began in late 2011 when the ship hosted a New Year’s Eve party with over a 1,000 guests, fireworks and music.
“Dubai was going to relaunch the QE2 and we did a marketing campaign that went out to the world… I reached out to everyone I knew,” said James Magee, co-founder of Dubai-based Global Event Management who organised the 2011 party and was asked to launch the ship as a global venue for events.
“I went to the AEO [Association of Events Organisers] and all the big congresses and associations and said the QE2 is back in action - come and play.
“It was a huge success. We had everything from weddings to billionaires in India and Russia, through to gala dinners and product launches and after parties,” Magee added, before reporting that the plans began to change towards the end of 2012.
“The deadlines started happening about four or five months ago. We planned most of our events to take place in the final quarter of 2012… The saddest thing is we had about 160 events confirmed,” he claimed.
Magee said the ship became involved in what he described as “the most ludicrous battle” between various Dubai entities over how best to take advantage of the ship and finance the $1m monthly repair and maintenance bills needed to make it operational.
“The business plan we had more than paid for the maintenance and upkeep of the ship and it was probably going to contribute probably somewhere in the region of about $20 million a year plus,” Magee said.
In parallel with Magee’s promotional activities, Dubai began talks with UK-based investors to bring the QE2 back to London and establish it as a floating hotel on the banks of the river Thames near the O2 Arena.
While talks had stalled, a spokesperson for the UK investors said they were still optimistic they can secure a deal with Dubai World after nearly fourteen months of negotiations. However, these would now appear to be fruitless as a highly placed Dubai World source has told Arabian Business that local authorities are unlikely to send it back to the UK and favour the option of selling it as scrap and earning a quick return on their $150m investment.
While unconfirmed rumours claimed the captain and his staff left the ship on Friday and Asian inspectors had boarded the ship, Arabian Business has been told a scrapyard in India is currently seen as the most likely final destination for the ship, rather than China, as was widely reported.
Launched by Queen Elizabeth II on September 1967, the QE2 is the longest-serving ship in owner Cunard’s nearly 200 year history, has undertaken 25 world cruises, has crossed the Atlantic more than 800 times and has carried more than 2.5 million passengers.
A UK-based spokesperson for former owners Cunard said the fate of the QE2 was “a matter for Dubai and it's not appropriate for Cunard to comment on this sort of story.” Similarly, a formal statement from Dubai World said the company had “no comment” to make on the rumours and speculation related to the QE2’s current status.

Sunday 6 January 2013

Ship demolition report 6/1/2013

CS Gitte [PA] IMO 8820248 Container vessel built 1990 - 10,345 dwt
Sujin [MT] IMO 9004250 Container vessel built 1992 - 12,854 dwt
Bao Qing Men [VC] IMO 8300925 Cargo vessel built 1983 - 29,331 dwt
Princess Lily [MD] IMO 7228211 Container / cargo vessel built 1972 - 7,102 dwt
Hae Un [KRP] IMO 7930060 Bulk carrier built 1980 - 27,188 dwt

Ross [KM] IMO 8719229 Crude oil tanker built 1993 - 90,607 dwt [ex Glenross]

An Hua Jiang [CN] IMO 8306955 Cargo vessel built 1987 - 17,324 dwt

Dimitrovsky Komsomol [BG] IMO 8510934 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 38,545 dwt

Qe2 in the news again

More reports of the former Cunard ship QE2 appeared in one of the UK papers.

The report says, [to be taken as purely speculation as with all uk papers, and of course the papers always tell the truth] that a consortium have raised the 20 million Pounds to bring the vessel to London to be used as a floating hotel and conference centre.

Why London where she has no affiliation, getting her up the Thames, your guess is as good as mine.

I hope she doesn't end up the same way the first Queen Elizabeth went, burnt out and on her side in Hong Kong harbour.
With new cruise vessels being built, who wants an ageing cruise liner, and the cost of bringing her upto standard after years of standing idle.