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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ship demolitions 22/03/2014 prt 2

DV Yalibel [PA] IMO 8200462 Bulk carrier
Lti Integrity [PA] IMO 8405921 Cargo vessel
Esg Ufinsa [DM] IMO 8915873 Cargo vessel
Lucy [KM] IMO 8319902 Tanker
Inaya [TG] IMO 7715367 Cargo vessel
MSC Ayala [PA] IMO 8413033 Container vessel
Symphony [BM] IMO 7411557 Tanker
Marathonas [PA] IMO 8819952 Container vessel
LNG Aries [MH] IMO 7390193 LPG carrier
Al Majed H [TZ] IMO 7319694 Cargo vessel
Baltario [LR] IMO 8915706 Container vessel
Buxsailor [LR] IMO 9070022 Container vessel
Carol [KN] IMO 8908715 Container vessel
Pride [KN] IMO 8313336 Bulk carrier
Scarpov [BM] IMO 7411557 Offshore supply vessel
Faith [KI] IMO 8225436 Cargo vessel
Kamal XXVII [IN] IMO 7344302 Hopper dredger

Swansea UK
Norstone [UK] IMO 7104219 Suction dredger built 1971 - 1,803 dwt

Conberria [MH] IMO 7914250 Cement carrier

MSC Catania [UK] IMO 9073995 Container vessel
Chennai Perrumai [IN] IMO 8128066 Bulk carrier
Caprio [PA] IMO 8818881 Bulk carrier
V Kervis [BS] IMO 8029064 Bulk carrier
Win Ever [PA] IMO 8221375 Cargo vessel
PP5 [TH] IMO 8613384 Lpg Tanker
Archengelgracht [NL] IMO 8811948 Cargo vessel

Hugo Chavez [GI] IMO 8417546 Cargo vessel
Nordvik [FO] IMO 774873 Cargo vessel
Siderfly [VC] IMO 8412405 Cargo vessel
Anke Angela [GI] IMO 8417546 Cargo vessel

Branden [LR] IMO 9236236 Container vessel
Fair Spirit [LR] IMO 8913148 Tanker

Achilleas [PA] IMO 8308070 Bulk carrier
Demetra [PA] IMO 8814342 Cargo vessel
Little Dona [KI] IMO 7130086 
Erefli Star [KI] IMO 6927640 Cargo vessel
Flestina 3 [RU] IMO 8814242 Roro cargo vessel
Daniella [NL] IMO 8718873 Heavy lift ship
Blue Gas [SL] IMO 7909839 Tanker

Fydor Popov [RU] IMO 7421112 Cargo vessel
Gazelle Coast [PG] IMO 8314548 Cargo vessel
Ding Hu Shan [CN] IMO 8827466 Bulk carrier
Ming Je [PA] IMO 8224054 Cargo vessel
Ss Belais [BU] IMO 7347794 LPG carrier
Pe Gae Bong [KRP] IMO 8328616 Cargo vessel
Paromay [RU] IMO 7800239 Roro vessel
Pamela Stream [SL] IMO 8301448 Cargo vessel

L Espoir [NL] IMO 7024550 Service vessel

Shoreham [CK] IMO 8104280 Cargo vessel

Almostafa [KM] IMO 7800136 Cargo vessel
Scf Polar [LR] IMO 6901892 LPG carrier
Ocean Dolphin [DM] IMO 9126883 Tanker

Mai Mols [DK] IMO 9112997 Hss passenger vessel

Life onboard as a chief officer

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Two workers killed in Alang

Two labourers died at Alang shipbreaking yard in Bhavnagar on Tuesday after an iron plate fell on them. The accident took place at plot number 20 that is owned by Amit Sheth. The deceased have been identified as Vishwanath Gaud (20) and Bensu Pradhan Odiya (24) of Orissa.

Sources said that an iron plate fell on them and crushed them while they were working. They were rushed to a hospital in Bhavnagar, where they succumbed to their injuries.

Earlier in December last year, a worker Shambhuram Rajvanshi from Uttar Pradesh had died after an iron plate fell on him at plot number two of the shipbreaking yard.

Sources said accidents of falling of iron plates on labourers occur frequently at Alang, which is Asia's biggest shipbreaking yard.

In March 2013, one worker died and five others were injured after an iron object fell on them while working at plot number 73 of the breaking yard.

Source: times of india. 13 March 2014

Ship demolitions 22/03/2014

Sorry for the lack of postings recently, more updates soon

Moniuszko [MT] IMO 8513730 Cargo vessel
Mistral [KM] IMO 8300585 Bulk carrier
Meral Queen [TZ] IMO 7362445 Cargo vessel
Baltario [LR] IMO 8915706 Container vessel
Sardonyx [MH] IMO 9077458 Container vessel
Karia [PA] IMO 7600172 Bulk carrier built 1978 - 29,212 dwt
Orange breeze [KN] IMO 8311003 Cargo vessel
Yalibel [PA] IMO 8200462 Bulk carrier
Santi [KN] IMO 9080998 Container vessel
Cabot [CA] IMO 7700051 Roro cargo vessel built by A&P UK 1979 - 7,132 dwt
Iron Butterfly [SL] IMO 8215716 Roro cargo vessel
Mytilini [PA] IMO 8819952 Container vessel
Dabat [LR] IMO 8915691 Container vessel
Otse [UK] IMO 9080613 Container vessel
Noble Star [US] IMO 7529914 Cargo vessel
Rising Phoenix [VC] IMO 8319653 Bulk carrier
Bramco 6T [KN] IMO 7419171 Tug
Hussa Alghanim [KW] IMO 8323226 Bulk carrier
Dalal Alghanim [KW] IMO 8010257 Bulk carrier
Kaptan Nevzat Kacar [TR] IMO 8325896 Bulk carrier

Alabama Belle [PH] IMO 8412144 Bulk carrier
Mimar Sinan [CK] IMO 8307674 Bulk carrier
Kapitan Lyashenko [RU] IMO 8617976 Container vessel
Inca Maiden [PH] IMO 8520575 Roro vessel
Munster [AG] IMO 9131802 Container vessel
Asrar A Mostafa [BD] IMO 7517436 Cargo vessel
Kima [PA] IMO 9058828 Tanker
Delphis [PA] IMO 8418978 Bulk carrier
Bin Hai No1 [PA] IMO 9006746 Bulk carrier
Sri 1 [TH] IMO 8706131 Floating storage oil production vessel

Naxos Warrior [LR] IMO 8809385 Bulk carrier
Southernpec 8 [PA] IMO 8906793 Floating storage oil production vessel
Winning Pride [PA] IMO 8128717 Bulk carrier
Blue 1 [KM] IMO 8319914 Tanker
Safarini [KN] IMO 8118566 Bulk carrier 

Lagas Rainbow [KR] IMO 8013962 LPG carrier
Yuan He [CN] IMO 9131254 Container vessel

Overseas Beryl [MH] IMO 9043043 Tanker (as is currently in Singapore)