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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

M/T PHOENIX sunk off Durban

Forty-one days after it ran aground at Sheffield Beach, the MT Phoenix is finally out of Durban's sight.

The 164m bulk tanker was sunk at 9.47am yesterday, two days after it was towed 78km from Sheffield Beach, north of Durban. It had been there since July.

Initially, hundreds of people flocked to see the 47-year-old vessel, but when controversy over its ownership and the dent in taxpayers' pocket came to light, locals and salvage crews were glad to see it go.

South African Maritime Authority regional manager Captain Saroor Ali, who was in charge of the almost R34-million operation, was relieved to see the ship begin to sink 1000m to the ocean floor.

"Salvage crews will have to remain on site for at least 24 hours and Samsa will be there to monitor the sinking as well," he said.

Samsa had followed safety procedures to avoid unexpected incidents, with concern for "the environment at heart at all times".

"We went beyond the three positions chosen by the Agriculture Department to ensure that we avoided any harm to the environment. When the vessel was sunk there was no sign of oil in the water, which showed that all of it had been drained," he said.

The KwaZulu-Natal department of agriculture and environmental affairs said yesterday it was pleased with the outcome of the operation.

Department spokesman Ncumisa Mafunda said: "From the time that the vessel ran aground in July, we had been in contact with Samsa to ensure the environment's safety. We were mostly concerned about the possibility of dealing with an oil spill, but mop-up operations were successful."

The ship's owners, initially believed to be Nigerian, have still not been located.

Mt Pheonix
IMO 7359503
29,999 dwt
Flag [TZ]


Ship demolitions 28th September 2011

SEA COUNTESS [PA] IMO 8004997 General cargo built 1982 - 24,593 dwt [ex Golden 9]

Ship demolitions 28th September 2011

MSC Tuscany [HK] IMO 7718046 Container vessel built 1978 - 24,383 dwt
MSC Fado [MT] IMO 770539 Container vessel built 1978 - 19,621 dwt

Lucky Ocean [PA] IMO 8004686 Cargo vessel built 1980 - 22,225 dwt

KS Trust [PA] IMO 7821001 Bulk carrier built 1979 - 40,847 dwt
Elena B [PA] IMO 7721330 Bulker built 1978 - 25,956 dwt

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ship demolitions 27th September 2011

Ruhr N [LR] IMO 8410108 Bulk carrier built 1987 - 305,836 dwt

Ever Bright [PA] IMO 8224652 Bulk carrier built 1987 - 148,982 dwt
Asma 1 [PA] IMO 8118593 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 34,193 dwt towed to alang
Hootan [IR] IMO 7375363 Bulker built 1976 - 33,856 dwt
Kybele [PA] IMO 7600067 Bulk carrier built 1976 - 16,114 dwt
Atlantic Leader [MT] IMO 8314627 Roro vessel built 1985 - 19,036 dwt

Korea Sunnyhill [LR] IMO 7401851 Tanker built 1976 - 30,264 dwt

Coastal Venus [PA] IMO 9006710 Tanker built 1991 - 95,844 dwt
Shehrazade [DE] IMO 7358315 Passenger vessel built 1975 - 1,691 dwt
Asia Union [PA] IMO 8015673 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 70,912 dwt

Bangladesh stops Mv Asia Union entering port

Bangladesh to keep out toxic ship MV Asia Union

It may possess hazardous substances including asbestos, toxic paints and chemical residues
Bangladeshi officials have ordered the country's coast guard not to allow a suspected toxic ship into its waters.
Their move follow complaints that the vessel may contain harmful chemicals and poses a health and safety threat.

22 Sep 11 - 18:10
Bangladesh to keep out toxic ship MV Asia Union
It may possess hazardous substances including asbestos, toxic paints and chemical residues
Bangladeshi officials have ordered the country's coast guard not to allow a suspected toxic ship into its waters.
Their move follow complaints that the vessel may contain harmful chemicals and poses a health and safety threat.

At present the ship, the MV Asia Union, has been anchored around eight nautical miles (12km) off the coast of the southern port of Chittagong.
Officials say agents of the ship have sought permission to bring it into Bangladesh for dismantling.
Environmental groups say it may possess hazardous substances including asbestos, toxic paints and chemical residues which are harmful to human health and the environment.
Bangladesh has become one of the world's leading ship-breaking nations, with dozens of cargo ships and tankers from around the world being brought to yards - mostly in the Chittagong region - to be dismantled.
Coast guard alerted
"We haven't received any application for MV Asia Union," Department of Environment Director General Monowar Islam told the BBC.
"We have not provided any environment clearance for this ship. So, this ship cannot enter into Bangladeshi waters."
Other Bangladeshi departments with responsibilities for giving permission for obsolete foreign ships to be dismantled all say they have no information about the MV Asia Union.
"First of all to import a scrap vessel one has to get a No Objection Certificate from our department to open a Letter of Credit. We didn't issue any No Objection Certificate to this ship," Department of Shipping Director General Jobair Ahmed told the BBC.
"So, if the ship enters Bangladeshi territory, then it is illegal."

However, a senior Chittagong port official said they were sending a team to find out whether the ship contains any toxic materials - and their report will be sent to the Department of Environment before a final decision is taken.
According to the Paris-based environmental group, Robin des Bois, the MV Asia Union was built in South Korea in 1982. It says that since South Korea banned the use of asbestos only in 2009 "the MV Asia Union obviously contains a great amount of asbestos".
The group says that the ship "is at the end of her life... and obviously is in a bad condition".
Ship-breakers say that recycled steel from dismantled ships supplies around 60% of Bangladesh's total steel demands. They say that the industry also provides jobs to thousands of people.
But environmentalists allege that many old ships come with hazardous materials which are dumped in coastal areas, posing a danger to the environment and to workers.

Official figures show that since 2006 more than 80 workers have been killed and hundreds injured at scrap yards - mostly due to gas explosions on oil tankers.

Source: BBC

Monday, 26 September 2011

Ship demolitions 26th September 2011

Miraki [PA] IMO 7927491 Bulk carrier built 1980 - 23,853 dwt
Princess Yasmine [PA] IMO 7706328 Bulk carrier built 1978 - 27,636 dwt [ex DS Pioneer]

Arowana Manchester [MY] IMO 7805576 Tanker built 1978 - 5,285 dwt

Aegis [GR] IMO 7432082 Pollution control vessel built 1976 - 1,380 dwt ex Grampian Fame

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ship demolitions 21st Sept 2011

Mona S [SY] IMO 8302210 Cargo vessel built 1987 - 13,593 dwt
Weston [GI] IMO 7410814 Cargo vessel built 1979 - 14,937 dwt

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ship demolitions 20th September 2011

Alakanada [IN] IMO 8321046 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 47,221 dwt
Stellenbosch [MH] IMO 7701639 Cargo / container vessel built 1978 - 26,847 dwt

Tzoanna VII [GR] IMO 7702554 Bulker built 1978 - 5,245
Maksin Rylskiy [MD] IMO 7740556 Bulker built 1978 - 5,485 dwt

Jona Edvalds [VC] IMO 7414195 Bulker built 1979 - 7,810 dwt
BW Ara [BM] IMO 8004351 Vlcc built 1982 - 290,085 dwt
Takama [LR] IMO 8500472 Vlcc built 1987 - 266,286 dwt

Monday, 19 September 2011

Ship demolitions 19th September 2011

South Star [KH] IMO 7420845 Bulk carrier built 1977 - 28,317 dwt
Histria Diamond [LR] IMO 8513651 Bulk carrier built 1989 - 84,914 dwt

V. Australia [PA] IMO 8008785 Bulk carrier built 1984 - 166,058 dwt
Salemas S [DM] IMO 8006270 Bulker built 1981 - 25,826 dwt
Tarpon Clipper [CY] IMO 7813573 Cargo vessel built 1979 - 23,220 dwt
Estrecho De Magllanes [CL] IMO 8920488 Tanker built 1981 - 68,000 dwt

Iron Monger 3 [LR] IMO 8818922 Tanker built 1990 - 98,624 dwt
Mentor [PA] IMO 8112952 Bulker built 1983 - 34,948 dwt

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Ship demolitions 17th September 2011

Kybele [PA] IMO 7600067 Bulk carrier built 1976 - 16,114 dwt
Tarpon Clipper [CY] IMO 7813573 Cargo vessel built 1979 - 23,220 dwt

Riva [PA] IMO 8000525 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 132,016 dwt

Skipjack [MH] IMO 8615564 Tanker built 1988 - 83,922 dwt

Friday, 16 September 2011

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ship demolitions 14th September 2011

Titan Chios [PA] IMO 8500147 Tanker built 1986 - 239,783 dwt

Mitra Ocean [ID] IMO 7619032 Cargo vessel built 1977 - 11,200 dwt

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ship demolitions 13th September 2011

Union Carrie [KI] IMO 7619434 Bulk carrier built 1978 - 16,625 dwt
Heng Shun Xing [PA] IMO 8028876 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 25,705 dwt
Kapitan Kudlay [CY] IMO 8319873 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 19,252 dwt
Kingsway [PA] IMO 8023278 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 76,324 dwt
Alba [ ] IMO 8103262 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 64,711 dwt
Jiang [KM] IMO 7393884 Cargo vessel built 1976 - 2,072 dwt

Kadmos [MT] IMO 8018261 Bulk carrier built 1983 - 38,913 dwt
Win Express [PA] IMO 7616682 Bulk carrier built 1977 - 27,606 dwt
Fu Jin [PA] IMO 7520138 Bulk carrier built 1977 - 28,884 dwt
Shen Non II [HK] IMO 8913409 Tanker built 1991 - 152,856 dwt

Hafez [SY] IMO 7604283 Bulk carrier built 1977 - 7,860 dwt

Long Son [PA] IMO 7928146 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 63,990 dwt
Dong Shen Ocean [HK] IMO 7925936 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 59,472 dwt
World Trader [PA] IMO 7929293 Bulk carrier built 1981 - 44,270 dwt
Ibad [PA] IMO 8106757 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 41,513 dwt
Alkarim M [KRN] IMO 7400766 Cargo vessel built 1976 - 4,100 dwt
Anund [ CY] IMO 7422037 Cargo vessel built 1975 - 2,750 dwt
Ladybird [MD] IMO 786 Cargo vessel built 1976 - 2,470 dwt

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Ship demolitions 10th September 2011

White Mountain [PA] IMO 8223971 Reefer built 1983 - 6,533 dwt

Gulf Seib [PA] IMO 8309804 Cargo vessel built 1989 - 47,980 dwt
Yong Xin Men [PA] IMO 8103468 bulk carrier built 1982 - 45,548 dwt

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ship demolitions 8th September 2011

Golden Huaxi [HK] IMO 8412649 Bulk carrier built 1985 - 145,905 dwt

Yesil Rize 1 [TK] IMO 7505786 Cargo vessel built 1979 - 1,993 t [arrived around April 2011]

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Ship demolitions 7th September 2011

Ayko 1 [GE] IMO 7725611 cargo vessel built 1980 - 4,449 dwt
Noblesse [PA] IMO 7626499 Bulker built 1979 - 20,692 dwt

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ship demolitions 6th September 2011

Laura [CK] IMO 8221832 Reefer built 1983 - 9,484 dwt
Dias [HK] IMO 8521177 Bulk carrier built 1988 - 134,964 dwt
Jag Pranam [IN] IMO 8321383 Tanker built 1984 - 50,600 dwt
Heroic [PA] IMO 8029296 Bulk carrier built 1982 - 41,538 dwt

Bekulan [BN] IMO 7235939 LNG tanker built 1973 - 51,579 dwt
African Glory [PA] IMO 7612979 Bulk carrier built 1977 - 19,020 dwt

Margarita M [PA] IMO 7633076 Bulk carrier built 1977 - 27,307 dwt

Caesar 1 [KP] IMO 7361659 Cargo vessel built 1974 - 2,653 dwt
Stella [LR] IMO 8900490 Crude oil tanker built 1990 - 96,668 dwt
VICTORY JL [VG] IMO 7801506 Cargo vessel built 1978 - 8,818 dwt

Monday, 5 September 2011

Ship demolitions 5th September 2011

Pride Of Telemark [NO] IMO 7907257 Passenger / Roro built 1983 - 38,100 dwt
[ex Stena Jutlandica and Pride Of Provence]
St. Anna [LR] IMO 8623884 Bulk carrier built 1986 - 52,670 dwt
Don Leandro [CL] IMO 7414444 Bulk carrier built 1975 - 26,933 dwt
Auckland Star [BS] IMO 8316003 Reefer built 1985 - 11,434 dwt
English Star [BS] IMO 8315982 Reefer built 1986 - 11,434 dwt
Deycan [MLD] IMO 7616157 Bulk carrier built 1977 - 15,202 dwt
Pacific Spirit [LR] IMO 8600193 Vehicle carrier built 1987 -21,436 dwt
Indra [LR] IMO 9065168 Tanker built 1994 - 33,115 dwt
BM Defender [PA] IMO 8017009 Cargo vessel built 1981 - 22,882 dwt
18 De Marzo [MEX] IMO 7383346 Tanker built 1977 - 56,746 dwt

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ship demolitions 4th September 2011

Subedar Joginder Singh PVC [IN] IMO 8224171 Oil tanker built 1984 - 37,855 dwt

Ji Mel Long [PA] IMO 8103547 Bulk barrier built 1981 - 74,920 dwt - 42,627 gt

Friday, 2 September 2011

India to ban ships over 25 years old into its ports

All ships above 25 years of age have been banned from entering Indian ports which come under the administrative control of Gujarat.
The Gujarat government felt the need to initiate the move after the sinking of the 27 year old bulk carrier MV Rak Carrier off Mumbai’s coast recently, while on its way to the port of Dahej with 60,000 tonnes of coal from Indonesia.

The incident not only resulted in an oil spill, but also raised concerns of coastal safety and lax enforcement of the state port control regulations.

A senior official of the Gujarat Maritime Board, while confirming the news, said that they had orally intimated port officials (about the ban) and an official communication would be issued shortly.

Disclosing that ships which have already been chartered or those which were on the way to the state’s ports would be allowed entry, the official said that exceptions could also be made in the case of ships with stability certificates from reputed classification societies.
The official made it clear that the state’s objective was not to hurt the trade, but to ensure safety and protection of its coastal waters. He added that the government was not in favor of its ports handling old and substandard ships without proper documents and sea worthiness certificates.

Comment: seems they are worried about a small oil spill, while on the coast of Alang, oil, asbestos and other contaminates from the ship breaking industry are killing off the marine wildlife along the coast.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ship demolitions 1st September 2011

Ouranos [LR] IMO 8138683 Oil tanker built 1983 - 67,980 dwt

Christina [KN] IMO 7360784 Cargo vessel built 1975 - 16,265 dwt
Riga Sailor [MT] IMO 7415046 Cargo vessel built 1975 - 14,204 dwt
Moon Light [KM] IMO 7707138 Container vessel built 1978 - 6,648 dwt
Elbia [ ] IMO 7702140 Cargo vessel built 1978 - 14,100 dwt
Admiral Padorin [RU] IMO 8034899 Cargo vessel built 1982 - 4,013 dwt

SR Wilmington [US] IMO 8109670 Tanker built 1984 - 48,46 dwt