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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mv Khalijia III catches fire while being scrapped

Fire broke out on the merchant vessel Mv Khalijia III on Monday afternoon 15th November 2011. The fire was brought under control 3 hours later. Mv Khalijia III has been docked at the port of Mumbai ever since its collision with MV Chitra last year, causing the worse ver oil spill in the Arabian Sea. Three shipyard workers were injured onboard suffering severe burns.

The fire brigade received a call at 4.30pm saying there was a fire in the engine room of the ship.

The fire brigade said the workers, who were in the process of scrapping the ship may have been using gas cutters. Sparks from must have come in contact with the residual oil within the ship.

When contacted, the Sewri police said they were investigating to find out whether there was any negligence on the part of the workers who are scrapping the ship.

"It was an accident due to some residual oil around the area that was being welded. The vessel is being scrapped at Darukhanna shipbreaking yard in Mumbai, so it must have happened during the scraping process,” said director general of Shipping S Agnihotri.

Source: The Hindustan Times. 15 November 2011

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