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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mv Swanland lost at sea in bad weather


BBC news reported this morning 27/11/2011 the cargo vessel Mv Swanland had sunk in bad weather in the Irish Sea.

Swanland, built in 1977 was carrying 3,000 tonnes of stone from Raynes Jetty in North Wales to Cowes in the Isle of Wight, when she sent out a mayday call 30 miles off the north west coast of Wales at 02:00 GMT.

Two crewmen were rescued and five Russian crewmen are currently missing, vessels in the area Mt Bro Gazelle, Mt Monsoon and Mt Keewhit were assisting the RNLI, along with RAF rescue helicopters from Anglesey, Cornwall and the Irish Republic.

Latest : Sad news reported that a body has been recovered from the sea near the scene, and an empty life raft was recovered, but was empty.

Two of the survivors were flown to the local hospital in Bangor, who described the vessel being hit by an "enormous wave" which rolled the vessel over and then broke in two.

Rescue services are deciding to call off the search for tonight and resume again in the morning.

Let's hope all crewmen can be rescued and our thoughts are with those involved at this tragic time.

Mv Swanland
Flag [CK]
IMO: 7607431
General Cargo Ship
Built 1977

BBC News link

RAF rescue footage

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