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Friday, 31 December 2010

Alang shipbreakers on strike

The strike by Alang shipbreakers brought activities to a halt since the 21st December.

The strike by the shipbreakers, was an attempt to pressurize the Government
on the grounds that they dismantled more than one ship at a time, and it was not possible to supply data of materials obtained from the ships.

Shipbreakers were asked to periodically provide details of excisable and non-excisable items obtained from the ships they beach for scrapping. This was after CE's intelligence wing had found large scale duty evasion by some ship breakers who used to inflate the quantity of non-excisable items.

Update 5/1/11

The Alang workers returned to work three days later, after officials agreed to look again at the proposals they were asking for, and will report again within the month. It was also reported that 10,000 tons of recycled steel production a day was lost during the strike.

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