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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ships lost at sea

Mv ADRIATIC [MD] IMO Bulker Built 1981 on the 12th Dec 2010 Sank in the Israli port of Ashdod,the vessel was carring 3,000 t of steel

Mv PHU TAN [VN] IMO 8715455 cargo vessel built 1988 on the 16th Dec 2010 Sank between China on voyage to Haiphong Vietnam.

Twenty seven sailors are feared missing after a Vietnamese cargo ship PHU TAN sank in waters off Vietnam's central Ha Tinh province on the 16th December 2010 due to strong winds.
Mv Phu Tan a 14,000 ton cargo vessel was sailing from Vietnam to northern Haiphong city when it hit bad weather.
Vietnamese authority received a distress signal from the ship on Thursday morning. It immediately dispatched rescue vessels to search for the ship and ordered one oil tanker near the scene to participate in the rescue search.
Chinese maritime rescue authorities has also dispatched a rescue vessel to search for the missing sailors after receiving emergency calls from the Vietnamese maritime authority.
However, Vietnamese salvage authority lost contact with the ship later Thursday. Hindered by the bad weather, the rescue vessels were having difficulties in reaching the site. Vietnamese salvage authority said the 27 sailors may have fallen overboard.

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