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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ship demolitions 22/03/2014

Sorry for the lack of postings recently, more updates soon

Moniuszko [MT] IMO 8513730 Cargo vessel
Mistral [KM] IMO 8300585 Bulk carrier
Meral Queen [TZ] IMO 7362445 Cargo vessel
Baltario [LR] IMO 8915706 Container vessel
Sardonyx [MH] IMO 9077458 Container vessel
Karia [PA] IMO 7600172 Bulk carrier built 1978 - 29,212 dwt
Orange breeze [KN] IMO 8311003 Cargo vessel
Yalibel [PA] IMO 8200462 Bulk carrier
Santi [KN] IMO 9080998 Container vessel
Cabot [CA] IMO 7700051 Roro cargo vessel built by A&P UK 1979 - 7,132 dwt
Iron Butterfly [SL] IMO 8215716 Roro cargo vessel
Mytilini [PA] IMO 8819952 Container vessel
Dabat [LR] IMO 8915691 Container vessel
Otse [UK] IMO 9080613 Container vessel
Noble Star [US] IMO 7529914 Cargo vessel
Rising Phoenix [VC] IMO 8319653 Bulk carrier
Bramco 6T [KN] IMO 7419171 Tug
Hussa Alghanim [KW] IMO 8323226 Bulk carrier
Dalal Alghanim [KW] IMO 8010257 Bulk carrier
Kaptan Nevzat Kacar [TR] IMO 8325896 Bulk carrier

Alabama Belle [PH] IMO 8412144 Bulk carrier
Mimar Sinan [CK] IMO 8307674 Bulk carrier
Kapitan Lyashenko [RU] IMO 8617976 Container vessel
Inca Maiden [PH] IMO 8520575 Roro vessel
Munster [AG] IMO 9131802 Container vessel
Asrar A Mostafa [BD] IMO 7517436 Cargo vessel
Kima [PA] IMO 9058828 Tanker
Delphis [PA] IMO 8418978 Bulk carrier
Bin Hai No1 [PA] IMO 9006746 Bulk carrier
Sri 1 [TH] IMO 8706131 Floating storage oil production vessel

Naxos Warrior [LR] IMO 8809385 Bulk carrier
Southernpec 8 [PA] IMO 8906793 Floating storage oil production vessel
Winning Pride [PA] IMO 8128717 Bulk carrier
Blue 1 [KM] IMO 8319914 Tanker
Safarini [KN] IMO 8118566 Bulk carrier 

Lagas Rainbow [KR] IMO 8013962 LPG carrier
Yuan He [CN] IMO 9131254 Container vessel

Overseas Beryl [MH] IMO 9043043 Tanker (as is currently in Singapore)

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