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Tuesday 25 February 2014

Ship demolitions 25/2/2014

M Faruk [MH] IMO 8028890 Bulk carrier
Rising Phoenix [VC] IMO 8319653 Bulk carrier
Don Max [MD] IMO 9043158 Cargo vessel
Maersk Dauphin [UK] IMO 9080613 Container vessel
Maersk Delmont [UK] IMO 9103037 Container vessel
Maersk Delano [UK] IMO 9079547 Container vessel
Nedlloyd Europa [LR] IMO 8915691 Container vessel
LNG Aries [MH] IMO 7390193 LNG tanker
Ocean Dolphin [DM] IMO 9126883 Tanker
Hanjin confirmed the following 13 container vessel would be scrapped:
Hanjin Berlin [PA] IMO 9115743 Container vessel
Hanjin London [PA] IMO 9111383 Container vessel
Hanjin Paris [PA] IMO 9128128 Container vessel 
Hanjin Beijing [PA] IMO 9115731 Container vessel
Hanjin Valencia [PA] IMO 9142485 Container vessel
Hanjin Shanghai [PA] IMO 9088251 Container vessel 
Hanjin Washington [PA] IMO 9111395 Container vessel
Hanjin San Francisco [PA] IMO 9131058 Container vessel
Hanjin Wilmington [PA] IMO 9142473 Container vessel
Hanjin Nagoya [PA] IMO 9155028 Container vessel
Hanjin Oslo [PA] IMO 9161778 Container vessel 
Hanjin Rome [PA] IMO 9161766 Container vessel
Hanjin Marseilles [PA] IMO 9015541 Container vessel (tbc]

Harput [TR] IMO 7336721 Ropax vessel

Eurocargo Africa [MT] IMO 7909982 Roro vessel ex Tor Flandria

Safarini [KN] IMO 8118566 Bulk carrier

Ming Jie [PA] IMO 8224054 Cargo vessel
New Venture [LR] IMO 9006617 VLCC tanker

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