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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pacific Princess claims its first casualties

2 scrapyard workers have been killed while attempting to right the Pacific Princess, which is currently listing at a scrapyard in Aliaga, Turkey. While under tow to the scrapyard, the former Love Boat took on water during a rough storm off the coast of Italy. The ship took on a considerable amount of water in her engine room, forcing the ship to list to her starboard side.
When the Pacific Princess was beached at Aliaga, scrapyard workers boarded her to begin correcting her list. While working in the engine room, 2 workers were killed and 6 were injured by asphyxiation from gas exhaust while attempting to pump water out of her engine room. As of today, the Pacific Princess is still listing, which currently disallows her from being issued permission to be scrapped.
Efforts are still underway to right the former Love Boat, but no determination of when her scrapping will begin has been announced.
Source: Crusecurrents

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