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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Is MSC Flaminia heading for the bottom of the Atlantic

MSC Flaminia and tugs seem to be moving the vessel into Atlantic, advancing 
in southern direction at an average speed around 1 knot and moving some 26 
miles in 24 hours. Quest – France on August 1 published a photo of MSC Flaminia 
taken from the air. France environmentalists fear that the vessel may sink in 
the Atlantic, is it just an assumption, or do they know something we don’t know? 
They insist vessel should be moved to nearest safety haven in order to avoid 
possible Enviromental disaster.

Will we see MSC Flaminia sink to the bottom of the Atlantic, recent pictures show 
the vessel low in the water compaired with how the vessel looked at the beginning of the emergency.

Update 6/08/2012
She is now being towed more towards the UK coastline, did none of the countries 
Want her on their shores, what chemicals is she carrying that might cause an
Ecological disaster if she sank or broke up, maybe now she is beyond saving.

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