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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Ship demolition report 17/06/2012

Power [BM] IMO 8103406 Container vessel built 1982 - 32,207 dwt [ex Cast Power] once Liverpool regular

Asia Star [SG] IMO 8007987 Chemical tanker built 1982 - 22,300 dwt
Teteven [BG] IMO 8915861 Cargo vessel built 1990 - 8,647 dwt
Endurance [KN] IMO. 8204626 Container vessel built 1983 - 32,424 dwt

Samiria [TV] IMO 8302533 Tanker built 1987 - 40,432 dwt

Thanks to Erwan for the following information

1) EBBA VICTOR (Vietnam), IMO 6421921. She was seized at Brest for 4 or 5 years, and she was scrapped at Brest last month

2) From Pioner Family, PIONER KARELLI, IMO 7733668, RUS, is just arrived at Mumbai for scrap

3) CAPTAIN TSAREV, IMO 8128860, is still seized at Brest (for 5 years), I think she will sold for scrap in a few months ago.

4) MATTERHORN, IMO 8504478, still seized at Brest (for 4 years), will be also sold for scrap in a few weeks, probably at the end of june. At tug is supposed to tow her to Aliaga

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