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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mv Carrier IMO 8504959

General cargo ship Mv Carrier IMO 8504959 is set to be broken up where she rested, on the rocks at Raynes Jetty in North Wales.

The Mv Carrier was unable to move away from the jetty after loading stone during bad weather and high winds, she hit rocks on the beach close to the jetty on evening of the 3/4/2012.

It is reported it will take 6 weeks for the vessel to be removed, after a structural survey showed significant damage to the vessel.

Raynes Jetty is also where the Swanland loaded stone and later sank also in bad weather along the coast of North Wales last year.

Carrier [AG] IMO 804959 Cargo vessel built 1985 - 1,584 gt

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