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Friday, 24 June 2011

The disposal of HMS INVINCIBLE

Institute of Demolition Engineers’ president John Woodward has hit back at the UK government’s decision to allow one of its foremost aircraft carriers to be dismantled and scrapped outside of the UK.

“I am annoyed and amazed that the UK Government has allowed HMS Invincible to be sold for scrap and then dismantled in Aliaga in Turkey. I realise that tenders are driven by price but surely the government should have ensured that the ship stayed in the UK. We have purpose built ship recycling facilities at Hartlepool, Tyneside, Belfast, Merseyside and in Scotland and any of these could have done the job keeping employment in the UK,” Woodward says.

Yes well done the uk government for allowing the aircraft carrier to be broken up on another countries soil, and for a knock down price of $260 a ton, next time you want a warship to add to the fleet, build a bulk carrier you will get a better resale value. The UK government looking after your interests abroad

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