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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Ships lost at sea

GLOBAL JUNO built 1994 on the 29/10/2010 Sank 100km south of Hong Kong, Belawan on passage to Ruggao
HAI JUNG built 1990 on the 20/6/2010 Sank between Pohang, South Korea on voyage to China and Far East ports
DUBAI MOON built 1978 on the 20/5/2010 Sank at Ajman, UAE on voyage to Somali
BRIGHT CENTURY built 1997 on the 2/5/2010 Sank at Dampier, Australia on voyage to Yingkou, China. Ship colided with Mv Sea Success
DILLY STAR built 1991 on the 18/10/2010 Sank on voyage to Far Eastern Ports
JIAN FU STAR IMO 8106379 built 1983 on the 27/10/2010 Sank on voyage from Indionesia to Qingda. 12 sailors lost lives
MEDY built 1982 on the 1/9/2010 Sank at Constantza, Romania on route to Istanbul, Turkey
PONTUS built 1989 on the 29/6/2010 Sank at Oita, Japan on voyage to Surabaya, Indonesia
VASILIY built 1988 on the 11/10/2010 Sank at Odessa, Ukraine on route to Poti, Georgia

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